Jordan Spieth Takes Strong, Second Place at British Open


Never tell Jordan Spieth you’re back.

“I hate it just because it’s ‘back’,” she said last month. “I didn’t go anywhere.”

True, he’s still been touring PGA Tour events in recent seasons, but Spieth, a former world #1 in men’s golf, had dropped to 92nd in the rankings just six months ago. winning three major championships Before the age of 24, he had not won any tournaments in four years. Moreover, it looked and sounded like a lost, familiar situation in the profession and one that could become permanent.

Then in the final round of the British Open on Sunday, Spieth was the biggest threat to catch. eventual champion Collin Morikawa. Spieth would be two strokes behind precocious Morikawa, who currently has won twice in just eight major championship games.

Neither muscular nor cocky, 24-year-old Morikawa wins, as Spieth did at the time, with a mix of calm and élan. won two majors at the start of the top 10 from 2015 to 2017.

But whether he wants to or not, Spieth’s performance at this year’s British Open seems to prove that he has returned, or at least reached the most important stage of any comeback, namely the stage of self-belief. The proof is, in Spieth’s words, at Royal St. It was next to the 18th green at George’s.

“I played well enough to win the championship 100 percent,” he said. “And I haven’t felt this way in a major in a long time. One weekend under great championship pressure, my pace continued nicely. And that’s a huge confidence boost.”

Spieth had plenty of chances to crash in 2019 and 2020, as happened when he drew 65th or 71st in the majors or failed to clear the lead. One stroke behind and two strokes behind Morikawa as of Sunday third round leader Louis OosthuizenIn Spieth’s first six holes, there were two clumsy bogeys.

The shaky start came nearly 18 hours after he slayed his last two holes in Saturday’s third lap. Well positioned in the middle of the Fairway, 60 yards off the 17th hole, Spieth still made a hum. Then he missed a two-foot hit on the 18th hole for another bogey.

“It was as sad as I had taken a tour of the house,” Spieth said of returning to his rental home on Saturday evening. Inside the door, Spieth asked: “Is there anything I can break?”

When his shooter was nearby, he used it to practice instead. Still, the start of Sunday was more frustrating than refreshing. But his current mentality is further proof that Spieth – here’s that word again – may indeed be back.

“At that point, I said, ‘OK, now we’re going to do everything and see what happens,'” Spieth said. In the new aggressive, he did an eagle, four birdie and 11 par and finished with four of the 66 par. Spieth was in control and was acutely aware of what he had to do to get himself into contention.

“I did everything I could,” he said. “I’ve pierced the hits where I should have punched and made some hits that were still uncomfortable for me – there’s still some scar tissue, yet I’m getting things back in order.

“But I’m proud to go six-gold on the last 12 holes of this golf tournament and put some pressure on Collin.”

He smiled and looked relaxed, something he didn’t have at the big championships last year.

At that time, Spieth was constantly tinkering with his shot. He was surrounded by unsolicited mechanical advice and introspective advice on how to renew his mental approach. It felt like everyone in the golf world had an idea of ​​what it would take to regain the golden touch that created three major championships Spieth won from 2015 to 2017.

At his discretion, Spieth didn’t listen too much, never lost his cool, and wasn’t harsh with anyone whose job it was to ask questions about what went wrong.

Spieth, who will turn 28 next week, has accepted the frustrating circumstances, walked in, and was confident he was on track to rediscover his former form earlier this year. Skeptics remained. But this spring, he finished in the top five in three of the four PGA Tour events. In April, he won the Valero Texas Open, his first round victory since 2017. Tie for third place at Masters and took second place at the Charles Schwab Classic. The world ranking rose to 23rd place. Then came Sunday, which will significantly increase the situation.

Spieth’s final lap at the 2021 British Open was far from perfect. The day golf was crowned was Morikawa’s day. new two-time grand champion. But on Sunday, if Spieth didn’t come back as he insisted, then he was just a few strokes shy of being whole again.


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