Jury Award $10M to Man by School District After Coach Abuse

The lawsuit was filed at the Marin County Civic Center, a national landmark designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Part of the 1997 sci-fi movie “Gattaca”The movie ” was filmed. Burgos, 58, despite staying in prison recently losing its appealHis presence was inevitable in the circular courtroom, where the jury, the witness stand, and the lawyer’s desks were arranged in a crescent shape so that the participants could see each other at all times.

Credit…via the Richmond Police Department

A jury candidate was exempted years ago after she said Burgos tried to pull her into her car while she was a student and walking home from school. stevie gouldA former Burgos protégé, who secretly recorded the infamous coach having sex with an underage, led to Burgos’ arrest, sat in the gallery twice to support Harrison.

But at the center of the case was Harrison, 36, who explained that he still has nightmares and panic attacks, and has consulted multiple medical professionals for treatment.

A Tamalpais High School student, Harrison, who is also a popular gym teacher, said he was afraid to report Burgos because he had so much to lose. Still, when he went to the police in college, he was mocked and humiliated by a community. strongly believed Burgos.

“I felt it was very wrong to be portrayed this way in a courtroom,” he said. “In terms of all these people, all these people on the tennis team once, my parents, my teachers, all these people who gave me school advice, it felt like a circus.”

Jurors have had similar distressing experiences this spring from six of Harrison’s contemporaries—including five who were featured for the first time.

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