‘Kipchoge: The Last Milestone’ Review: Jumping Forward


The film’s well-meaning but bromide-laden first episode introduces us to Kipchoge, the man portrayed as a runner with a tireless work ethic, absent-minded demeanor, and basic humility. We hear how he inspires colleagues and young athletes. There are so many slow motion clips, sudden transitions to black-and-white, or scenes that seem like they were staged for effect (for example, we see a woman waking a boy up for a morning routine, while Kipchoge discusses how his mother instilled a sense of discipline. Routine) makes the movie look like Nike commercials with minimal change. you can convert. The director is actually Jake Scott, Ridley’s son. made such advertisements.

But the documentary’s pulse picks up when he turns his attention to Kipchoge’s efforts to cross the two-hour line. His 1:59:40 doesn’t count as an official world record because he didn’t run it under traditional marathon restrictions. The movie shows how a wide variety of collaborators are optimizing conditions. Various participants discuss the pavement, how laser guidance helps determine speed, and how other teams of runners take turns forming Y formations around Kipchoge to reduce air resistance. Athletics, physics and what one would call “a little ballet” The event is all excited to witness.

Kipchoge: Final Milestone
Is it rated PG-13 for strenuous running? Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes. rent or buy apple tv, Google Play and other streaming platforms and pay-TV operators.


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