Lesbian Writer and Activist Sally Miller Gearhart dies at 90


“The Wanderground” is about a utopian community of women who communicate psychically with each other. She explored themes of women’s inner connection to the Earth and to each other. The book, which has been in print for over two decades, was one of the first major examples of lesbian representation in the traditionally male genre of science fiction.

Dr. Gearhart later created his own Wanderground: a community he calls Women’s Land in Willits, a city in the redwood forests 140 miles north of San Francisco. She saw this as the culmination of her lesbian separatist philosophy.

“I keep saying that feminism, as I understand it, is an ideology of possibility, not probability,” she said. An interview in 1980. There, her “land partner” Jane Gurko, her dog Bodhi, and most lesbians lived with an eclectic group of women who wanted to live life closer to nature and in many cases further away from men.

Dr. In Gearhart’s view, community members of varying sizes lived in huts in the woods, outside patriarchal boundaries.

Sally Miller Gearhart was born on April 15, 1931, in the Appalachian town of Pearisburg, Va., and grew up in a conservative Protestant family. His father, Kyle Montague Gearhart, was a dentist; His mother, Sarah (Miller) Gearhart, was a secretary.

Dr. “Mine was the childhood of the penny postcard and the dime movie,” Gearhart wrote in an autobiographical sketch. on his website“We were the spice of the earth, believing in the Threefold God and the eternal virtues of hard work, a clean house, and drinking.”

Her parents divorced when Sally was young, and she spent most of her childhood with her grandmother, who ran a women’s hostel. It was her first taste of a female-only society and she had been with him all her life.


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