Lorde’s Job Here Is Done. Now, It’s Vibes.


“I know there are certain characteristics of what Jack does and some of the things I really like and some I don’t. And I beat them in what we did together,” he added. “I say this with a lot of love and affection, but I feel like we’re building a house together and say, ‘Look at this napkin I’ve shaped into two swans! Look at that woven basket set!’ I’m like, ‘Great – one per room’.”

At a recent rehearsal for a late night television show, Lorde was clearly in charge and adapting to the details. He warned that his guitar playing would be “pretty loose” after Antonoff arrived.

“How loose is it?” Lord replied. Afterwards, she took a break from singing to listen more closely to the arrangement. “My only job is to get you on the record a little bit more,” Lorde said with the frankness of a seasoned partnership.

“Nice but!” she loved it.

Lorde later said, “No one in a business that is not my business has a relationship with Jack like mine.” “He’s like a partner to me. We’re in a relationship. It’s not a romantic relationship, but we’ve been together for seven years and it’s something really unique, so I don’t get mad at people that maybe they can’t understand.”

He said he was trying to keep the same mindset for the launch of “Solar Energy” and went back to the idea that he was “very, very comfortable with things like public perception.” It’s not just rocking my boat these days. ”

“I almost valued people who didn’t understand at first,” he said of the album. “When an album comes out it makes me a little sad and I click it really fast and I look at the album. Genius And when I read all the words in three minutes, I realized I knew exactly what it was and couldn’t grow up.”

“I think I’m still giving something really digestible,” Lorde added with a grin, “but it’s my pleasure to surprise. I am for humans.”


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