Men’s Final England vs. Wimbledon Backseat in Italy


However, it has had an impact on the media landscape. The BBC, which is the beneficiary of both Wimbledon and European Championships, routinely streams tennis to a secondary channel for a football match involving any team, not just England.

During big football games, it’s not uncommon for fans at Wimbledon to gather against the windows of the press room and try to spot the score on one of the many television screens.

England’s run also dominated the English sports pages, despite the eight-time Wimbledon champions winning their semi-finals on the same day. Roger Federer lost What many believe may be his last game on the legendary grass court.

“Normally that’s how Federer loses and the drama about whether or not it’s his last game here would normally take the picture,” said Stuart Fraser, tennis correspondent for The Times of London. “He didn’t. It was a small piece at the top of the page.”

While he doesn’t seem to mind being eclipsed by the tennis media, veteran Italian reporter Ubaldo Scanagatta has a bigger project. If Sunday’s men’s final ends early enough, it has set the fastest routes to ride his scooter from Wimbledon to Wembley.

But Wimbledon makes no such concessions.

Fraser said the All England Club’s soccer final, which began at 8 PM local time, was held at No. 1 He believes Court should consider showing it on the big screen behind him. Starting at 2 pm, it ends well in advance as expected.

“What happened on Sunday is huge here,” Fraser said. “I think if tennis ends at 8 o’clock, they should play at The Hill, because it’s not easy to rock in a bar now that there are rules in this country. And stand shoulder to shoulder and watch football. I think that would be a pretty good gesture from the club.”


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