Modern Love Podcast: First Love Mixtape, B-Side

When we asked this question at the start of the season, the answers poured in. We heard from listeners that today’s youth listen to their anthem over and over again and have been with their partners for over 50 years. There were many lessons in jazz and rap, adrenaline rushes and tales of loneliness, and matters of the heart. (“Don’t let your friends pick your boyfriends,” said Amy of St. Louis.)

We share more of these songs and stories in our season finale. Next, we fast forward essay about the end of love. After more than 50 years of marriage, Tina Welling has decided she wants a divorce – it was a liberating decision.

Thank you to all our listeners who sent us the youth anthems. We have compiled these an amazing Spotify playlist. Have a listen below.

Hosted by: Anna Martin
Producer: Hans Buetow, Julia Botero, Anna Martin and Mahima Chablani
Edited by: Sara Sarasohn
Producer: Wendy Dorr
Engineering: Eliseba Ittoop
Original Music: Hans Buetow and Dan Powell
Theme music: Dan Powell
Article: Tina Welling
read by: Suzanne Toren
Founder, Modern Love: Daniel Jones
Editor, Modern Love Projects: Miya Lee

Special thanks: Mahima Chablani, Renan Borelli, Jeffrey Miranda, Julia Simon, Lisa Tobin, Sam Dolnick and Ryan Wegner at Audm.

Thank you to the many listeners who shared their young songs and stories, including Kate Mitchell, Ankit Sayed, Helen Coskeran, Michal Vaníček and Sara Molinaro.

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