Nathan Crumpton Unveils Ceremony’s New Shirtless, Greased Athlete

Fans of oil-soaked, shirtless Pacific islanders looked likely to be disappointed after Pita Taufatofua, a Tongan taekwondo and cross-country skier. 2016, ’18 and last year’s tokyo gamesHe said he wouldn’t be coming to the Beijing Games.

But surprise! Who should appear at the parade of nations on Friday, but another shirtless athlete in native dress flying the flag of the US territory, American Samoa, is Nathan Crumpton.

A man from PrincetonCrumpton sprinted the 100m in Tokyo last year, finishing last in the qualifying round. For these Games, Crumpton will be the 140th athlete to compete in both summer and winter sports at the Olympics, in keeping with Taufatofua’s success.

She trains in Park City, Crumpton, Utah, and is also a model and photographer.

Taufatofua caused a sensation in Rio de Janeiro when she emerged from the Tongan flag in her native dress, shirtless and shimmering with her sculptural body covered in coconut oil. Later, she appeared on the show “Today”, and the hosts enthusiastically re-oiled her.

He tried cross-country skiing in 2018 and returned for taekwondo in Tokyo last year. She has never ranked highly, but her good nature, seriousness, and good, sculpted body have earned her a lot of fans.

However, he said he would skip the 2022 Games, partly to be able to aid disaster relief in his country hit by a devastating tsunami after a volcanic eruption last month.

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