Newly Released, From Skateboarding to ‘Hamlet’ in New York


KING OF ENDLESS SPACE, Lyndsay Faye’s photo. (Putnam, $27.) Faye remakes “Hamlet” in modern-day New York, where Ben Dane seeks out ex-fiancee Lia and best friend Horatio to piece together the death of his Broadway baron father.

MAGICAL HABITS, Monica Huerta’s photo. (Duke University, $24.95.) This stunning debut blends personal and political essays with US and Mexican histories, photos, menus, and a fable to indulge in “multiple thinking habits rather than suggesting there’s only one way to know.”

THE HAPPINESS OF A BOOK, by Jason Mott. (Dutton, $27.) Mott’s fourth novel oscillates between the perspective of a Black writer on a book tour in the United States and a young Black boy living in the Southern countryside, until their perspectives converge in surprising ways.

THE MOST FUN THING: Posts From Skateboarding Life, Kyle Beachy’s photo. (Grand Central, $27.) A novelist and skateboarder reflects on the impact of sport on American culture and adult life in a book that is part memoir, part essay collection.


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