Newly Released, From the World Trade Center to Cheeto-Dear Crow


IMAGE CONTROL: Art, Fascism and the Right to Resist, by Patrick Nathan. (Counterpoint, $26.) A novelist’s debut in nonfiction historical and political criticism, explores the re-emergence of the fascist aesthetic and how it infiltrates art, photography, and social media in an age of perpetual scrolling.

MYSTERY: A Seduction, A Strategy, A Solution, By Jonah Lehrer. (Avid Reader, $28.) Lehrer provides a compelling case study of how people harness mystery and suspense to revolutionize society, through interviews with teachers and business owners and writing on topics ranging from Shakespeare to American sports.

ALIEN CREATURES, By Kira Jane Buxton. (Grand Central, $28.) In this sequel to “Hollow Kingdom,” a Cheeto-loving crow raises and protects the last human alive from hordes of infected zombie hunters.

TO THE SKY AGAIN: Reconstruction of the World Trade Center, By Scott Raab and Joe Woolhead. (Simon & Schuster, $35.) Featuring dozens of unreleased photos from Raab’s 10-part Esquire series, this collection of interviews shadows the suits and hard hats that rebuilt the World Trade Center from 2005 to 2015.


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