Olympic movement fails to support Black women, our columnist


For better or worse, the Tokyo Olympics are finally here. This means that a tremendous burden will be placed on the shoulders of a single group of athletes: Black women.

Simone Biles is one of the brightest talents in the Games. But if recent history holds and tries his most striking moves in Tokyo, gymnasts will set an arbitrary limit on your scoreto. Some say this is to deter other competitors from attempting similarly dangerous aerial maneuvers. I’m saying that the organizers of the sport can’t handle his sheer audacity.

Naomi Osaka is a supernova, perhaps the most recognizable female athlete on the planet named Serena Williams, Osaka’s idol who wisely decided not to mess with the Games. But if Osaka isn’t polite and nice in her interviews with the news media, she will be thrown under the bus, a reaction desired by her. Withdrawal from the French Open because he didn’t want to attend the press conferences there. This pressure exists alongside the fear that he will be teased as either too Black or too Black. not enough japanese if he doesn’t win the gold medal.

Gwen Berry He is one of the world’s strongest hammer throwers and one of the bravest athletes to protest racism and injustice. But the olympic lords made it clear that it would be better for him to act on the medal podium – otherwise.

These Games will have a split personality. they will bare The Olympics’ greedy pursuit of billions of dollars profit from sponsorships and television contracts, in this case, which forced the event into a Japanese public want it canceled There is an increase in coronavirus infections and emergencies.

While no fans will be able to watch it in person, they will provide heart-stopping, dramatic performances.

They will show something else. The structure that surrounds and organizes sport, especially the Olympic movement, is failing to support women – especially for Black women.


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