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Hector Velazquez, along with another teammate, tested positive for coronavirus on Sunday.  The Mexican baseball federation said in a statement that they were asymptomatic and isolated in hotel rooms.
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The Mexico national baseball team was quarantined after two players tested positive for the coronavirus before traveling to Japan for the Tokyo Olympics, Mexican baseball. Federation officials announced.

A statement from the federation said pitchers Hector Velazquez and Sammy Solis, both 32, gathered on Sunday to begin training in Mexico City and were asymptomatic and tested in isolation in their hotel rooms. As a result, National federation officials said Monday’s training was canceled and the rest of the team quarantined at their hotel to await the results of further testing.

Over the weekend, the players and coaches reported to Mexico City and began training before heading to Japan. Mexico’s first game at the Olympics will be played against the Dominican Republic on July 30 at Yokohama Baseball Stadium. Solis and Velazquez – both former Major League Baseball players – play on the same team in Mexico’s top professional league.

I am honored and excited to announce that I will represent #TeamMexico at the Olympics #Tokyo2020!!!!” said earlier this month, when the Mexican team was announced. “To be called an Olympian is a lifetime dream! It’s time to pursue it.”

The news was a blow for fifth-placed Mexico, who qualified for the Olympics for the first time in baseball, a sport returning to the Summer Games after a 13-year hiatus.

With the games starting on Wednesday and the opening ceremony on Friday, Nearly 60 people connected to the Tokyo GamesTests from athletes at the Olympic Village to Japanese residents working at the events tested positive. Organizers are struggling to manage public anxiety due to the thousands of athletes, coaches and other officials arriving in Japan for the Games.

The Mexican baseball team was the latest Olympic team to be disrupted by the virus. The United States men’s basketball, women’s 3×3 basketball and women’s gymnastics teams had to change their roster after athletes tested positive or the virus fell into health and safety protocols.

After the opening ceremony, the Tokyo Games will run for 16 days and conclude with the closing ceremony on August 8.
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NBC will show more than 7,000 hours of coverage of the Tokyo Olympics across its platforms, including NBC stations, cable channels, NBCOlympics.com and the NBC Sports app.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics will be held in Tokyo on Friday night. But the 13-hour time difference with Tokyo means it will be Friday morning in the United States.

NBC will broadcast the ceremony live in the morning, which will begin at 6:55 a.m. Eastern time. The ceremony will be hosted by “Today” host Savannah Guthrie and NBC Sports’ Mike Tirico.

NBC will then air a special edition of “Today,” featuring athlete interviews followed by an Olympic daytime show.

Similar to previous years, the network will air a packaged prime time version of the ceremony at 7:30 p.m. East on Friday. It will also be replayed throughout the night for viewers who missed previous broadcasts.

Although the opening ceremony is Friday, the first competitions begin in Japan on Wednesday.

baseballIt kicks off events with a match between Japan and Japan returning to the Olympics for the first time since 2008. Australia East at 8 p.m. Tuesday. (The game starts in Japan on Wednesday at 9am Japan Standard Time.) The US softball team will also play ahead of the opening ceremony and face Eastern Italy at 11:00pm on Tuesday. Both games will air on NBC Sports.

Another match that will take place before the opening ceremony is the women’s soccer match between the USA and Sweden, which will be broadcast live on NBC Sports on Wednesday at 04:30 in the East.

In addition to NBC Sports, Olympic events will be shown on the Golf Channel, NBC Olympics, NBC Sports Network, Telemundo and USA Network. Events will also be broadcast on NBCOlympics.com, NBCSports.com, and Peacock, the network’s streaming platform.

After the opening ceremony, the Tokyo Games will run for 16 days and conclude with the closing ceremony on August 8.

Ugandan Julius Ssekitoleko has been missing for several days.
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TOKYO – A man who introduces himself as a Ugandan weightlifter disappeared After leaving his hotel room at a training camp in Osaka, Japan last week, he was found by police in a town about 100 miles away. In a statement from the Ugandan government, it was stated that the man was a missing athlete.

The man, identified as Julius Ssekitoleko, 20, a weightlifter who did not qualify for his country’s Olympic squad and was originally scheduled to fly to Uganda on Tuesday, was found with stones at an acquaintance’s home in Yokkaichi City, Mie prefecture. ID.

Mr. Ssekitoleko was found missing from his hotel room on Friday after failing to show up for a daily coronavirus test in Izumisano. He left a note stating that he wanted to work in Japan. The police have been looking for him ever since.

Naoki Fukuyama, an official with the Osaka prefectural police department, said police had consulted with the Ugandan embassy on where to turn him over. Eight other teammates, who also train at Izumisano, moved to the Olympic Village on Monday.

in a statement published at excitementThe Ugandan Embassy in Tokyo said it was working with Japanese authorities to ensure the “safe and secure” return of Mr Ssekitoleko to Uganda early Wednesday.

“Any issues related to his alleged escape from the mission he was flying to perform in Japan and his disappearance from training camp will be appropriately addressed on his return to Uganda,” the statement said.

in Kampala, Okello Oryem, a junior minister in Uganda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, described Mr Ssekitoleko as a “traitor”.

“This behavior and behavior is treacherous,” Mr Oryem told reporters after meeting with the Japanese ambassador in Kampala.

According to Mr. Fukuyama, police had tracked Mr. Ssekitoleko on a security camera while he was taking the bullet train from Osaka to Nagoya, where he met another man and drove to Gifu in central Japan.

Police officers visited this man’s home, where they said Mr. Ssekitoleko had moved to another home in Yokkaichi, where police found him on Tuesday afternoon.

“He may be a hero in his country, but he felt it was difficult to come back to the country as he learned that he could not compete at the Games,” said Mr. Fukuyama. He must have hoped to win and bring the gold medal back to his country. I’m sorry for him. I am relieved that he has been found and while many citizens are worried, I want to hand him over as soon as possible.”

Last month, a coach and an athlete with the Ugandan Olympic delegation tested positive for coronavirus after arriving in Japan. It was unclear whether Mr. Ssekitoleko was one of them.

“He’s not a criminal,” said Mr. Fukuyama. “Despite violating Olympic rules, he has no problem doing anything because his visa is valid.”

Musinguzi Blanshe contributed to news from Kampala, Uganda.

The Israel national baseball team is heading to the Olympics in Tokyo.  On an American tour, the team recently played in Pomona, NY
Credit…Gregg Vigliotti for The New York Times

Shortly before the start of a recent exhibition game, members of the Israel national baseball team gathered along the third base line at Maimonides Park in Brooklyn’s Coney Island neighborhood and exchanged baseball caps for skullcaps to prepare for the singing of the Israeli national anthem. anthem.

However, only a few actors knew enough Hebrew to sing along.

Currently on tour in New York, the team has only four players who are native to the country. The rest of the 24-player roster is mostly made up of American players whose Jewish roots allow them to play for the team under Olympic rules. It’s also a ragtag bunch of retired majors, current small units, and even some weekend warriors with day jobs.

Four years ago, the team was ranked 48th in the world, but it shocked the baseball world. Qualification to participate in the World Baseball Classicgoes to the second round of the tournament. He continued his amazing run by qualifying for the Olympics in 2019.

Team Israel will compete in Tokyo against five other qualifying nations: USA, Japan, Dominican Republic, South Korea and Mexico.

On July 11, some fans waved Israeli flags in Maimonides Park. Others wore hats and shirts bearing the Star of David. One fan wore a T-shirt that showed a rabbi punching a baseball, along with the words “Jewish Crew”, a reference to the national team wearing vibrant blue uniforms featuring the Star of David.

The team’s general manager, Peter Kurz, said the team probably has more fans in New York than in Israel.

High school students Brandon Merdivend of Randolph, NJ, and his friend, Cameron Johnson, said they’re following the team.

“It’s crazy to see them make it to the top six teams in the world,” Brandon said. “It’s just so beautiful.”

Paralympic bronze medalist Olivia Breen in 2018.
Credit…Adrian Dennis/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Olivia Breen, two-time Paralympic world champion for England, said she was “non-speaking” and “off the beaten track” when an official at the British Championships on Sunday said the competition bottoms were “too short” and “inappropriate” after she raced. in the long jump event.

In chirp Later, Breen wrote that she had been wearing these types of shorts designed for competition for years and hopes to wear similar ones when she competes at the Paralympics in Tokyo next month.

After the episode, Breen questioned whether male athletes would be subject to the same scrutiny and entered a series of competitions. female athletes speaking out against the uniform double standard may result in fines against women.

Breen said it was extremely hot on Sunday and many male long jumpers took off their shirts, but were not approached by any officials. But after his event, while Breen was chatting with a teammate, he said an official wanted to talk to him.

Breen said, “It was just like, ‘I think your panties are very revealing and I think you should consider getting a new pair of shorts.'” My first response was, ‘Are you kidding?’ it happened.”

Breen, 24, suffers from cerebral palsy, hearing loss and some learning difficulties. He won two gold medals at the IPC World Championships – in the T38 long jump in 2017 and the T35-38 100m sprint relay in 2015 – and bronze in the 4×100m relay at the 2012 Paralympic Games.

Breen said light panties – in this case Adidas official competition 2021 panties, which later published Photo online – gave him an edge. He said the bottoms were complying with regulations and added that he had filed a formal complaint with England Athletics, the organization that runs the competition.

Since posting about the episode, Breen said she’s heard from other female athletes with similar experiences and said she thinks women have a right to feel comfortable competing.

“It pissed me off a lot,” Breen said. “We shouldn’t be told what we can and cannot wear.”

England Athletics said in a statement that it would investigate the matter.

“The well-being of all participants in athletics is of the utmost importance and everyone should feel comfortable competing and participating in the sport,” the statement said. Said.


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