Paris, Former Art Capital of Europe, is at the Top Again

TREND isn’t limited to the French capital, either. Last summer, Lucy Chadwick, the British-born former senior director of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York City, has decided to relocate it, with a few days’ notice, in response to the urge to return to Europe after feeling overwhelmed by both the Trump presidency and Brexit. open the family not to Paris but to Biarritz in the southwestern corner of the country and Champ Lacombe, the Basque town’s first contemporary art gallery. The inaugural exhibition held last summer featured work by Anne Collier, Arthur Jafa, Adrian Piper, Martine Syms, Josiane MH Pozi and Mark Leckey. The city had already been a home away from home for Chadwick, whom he had visited every year with friends and family for three decades. Still, “opening a new company is a challenge, but doing so using a second language during a pandemic in a different country is fraught with unforeseen hurdles and hurdles,” she says. “Really, it was only possible because of having a community of friends.” Fortunately, this community is only growing due to the influx of American visitors and collectors from Spain, London and of course Paris. (The locals also became familiar with the gallery, as Chadwick held several community-focused events in hopes of making the gallery as open and accessible as possible.) He often travels to Paris to tour museums and galleries and see what’s new. . “I try to pack my visits with shows and meetings, and then I return to the Basque Country for a breather,” she says.

Ibrahim, on the other hand, sees moving to France, a dream that came true after many years, as a kind of homecoming. She opened her space with “J’ai Deux Amours,” a group show featuring the work of the entire artist roster, a tribute to artist Josephine Baker, who, like Abraham, has ties to both France and America. demanded space, with all its complex features, for the telling of complex cultural stories. “When America didn’t give them a platform, Paris was a city for black intellectuals and creatives,” says Abraham. “One day in the car, I was thinking about this and it was lightning. I played ‘J’ai Deux Amours’ for my husband and said, ‘This is the title of my first Paris show. I need optimism, positive energy and love. That’s why I’m taking Josephine with me.”

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