Praise to Stephen Sondheim in ‘The Company’ and ‘The Assassins’

Evidence of Sondheim’s long-standing popularity was that the day he died, audiences lined up to see revivals of his two musicals: “Company” and “Assassins,” a Broadway production starring Patti LuPone and Katrina Lenk. It’s about people who kill or try to kill American presidents. Both were delayed due to the epidemic.

With the “Company” cast standing behind the stage at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater, Elliott said Sondheim’s death was a shock to the production and that its members met the composer and lyricist while working. preparation for the resurrection. Although Sondheim is 91 years old and has written music and songwriting for Broadway for over sixty years, he took an active part in the new work of the musical, which first premiered in 1970 and won six Tony Awards. The current production was a hit with critics When it was released in London in 2019.

“He didn’t need to do that,” Elliott said. “But he was the biggest fan of it, and every line of George Furth and every lyric we spoke, we argued, we argued, we chatted, we laughed,” Elliott added, referring to the playwright.

In this version, the main character is played by a woman (Lenk), a bachelor with commitment issues. Elliott said he supports the changes in the musical. “He really understood art,” he said, “and he really understood the now and why art should talk to the now.”

Sondheim was both a very active writer and theatergoer until his death. Earlier this month, he traveled to Manhattan from his home in Sondheim, Connecticut, to watch these productions in person, attending the opening night of “Assassins” at the Classic Stage Company on November 14 and a preview of “Company” the next day. This week, Sondheim Discussed his current project – his latest musical – with The New York Times, “What would I do with my time other than writing?”

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