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BSTpower 100W Hot Glue Gun with Three Nozzles


BSTPOWER Professional Hot Glue Gun is your all in one step for the crafting you want to do.It is a great tool for the household or shop where many people will use many types of glue for many different purposes. Perfect for crafts, home quick repair, office and school DIY projects.

glue gunglue gun

Three additional 2T Nozzles

The diameter of the nozzle is about 9.20mm, orifice diameter is 2mm,length of whole nozzle is about 30mm. The copper nozzle has the better thermostability than the other nozzles.

Anti-drip which built in leak-proof valve, the insulated tip provided a consistent and steady flow of glue and the narrow size allow for precise application. Also it can be unscrewed and replaced if needed for different applications


Temperature Control Between 100°C-220°C

This glue gun has been designed with a temperature that ranges from 100°C to 220°C (212°F – 428°F) which is the most suitable for use in both hot and cold applications.

There’s a dial that moves between 100°C-220°C for different use, the speed of the glue flow is different according to the different temperature, and you may need use a small flat-bladed screwdriver spinning on the dial to change the temperature.

Pay Attention: Please adjust the temperature to the higher level first before heat up the gun, otherwise the glue may not flow out.

glue gun nozzle

glue gun nozzle

hot glue gun

hot glue gun



Copper Nozzle

Standard glue sticks needs 7/16″ diameter (between 10.8mm-11.8mm) 10″ length, 15-20g/min melting out.

3-5 min warm up time, an indicator light to let you know if it is ready to be used.
Anti-overheating with ceramic PTC thermistor, automatic thermostat for energy saving.

Home & Industrail Use

Creating dried-flower or silk-flower crafts.

Making holiday decorations.

Reupholstering old furniture for a new look.

Decorating photo frames with sea shells or other embellishments.

Adding finishing touches to costumes.

★100W Hot Glue Gun, Heat Up Quickly and Constant Temperature, Heats up in 3-5 minutes and maintain constant temperature automatically,Detachable and flexible support, which is keep the gun stable and upright for standby as well as allow you to use this gun in any angle, Secure power switch with LED light mode makes the glue gun extremely user-friendly
★Glue Gun with Nozzles, BSTpower designed with three additional 2T Nozzles,which can fully meet your demand for different work
★ Multi-Application£¬BSTpower glue gun designed for DIY Small Craft Projects and home quick repairs,you can DIY the Halloween and Christmas gift, office and school DIY crafts projects including furniture, household appliances, toys, shoes, glass fish tank, circuit board.
★Security with High Temp Overheating Protection, Anti-overheating with ceramic PTC thermistor, automatic thermostat for energy saving.Cooling hole and heat insulation device on the tail to ensure longer lifespan without burning out the thermal mechanism.
★ Trigger Propulsion,BSTpower Glue gun Designed with trigger propulsion device,which can easily to pull the glue sticks into the glue. Trigger propulsion device controls glue flow and help you save much more glue sticks,especially for protect your health.


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