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What’s with a mask? These masks aren’t just used to hide your face but also to express your creativity for everyone to see. But what can you really achieve with a paper mache mask? From children’s arts and crafts to art therapy, there’s no shortage of applications for these simple yet high-quality white opera masks. Compatible with Different Coloring Mediums There’s no limit to what you can apply on the paper masks’ surface. You can use acrylic paints, watercolor, oil paints, enamels, or leftover paints in your garage. With the paper masks’ smooth surface, it’s not necessary to use a primer. The mask can also withstand the paints’ moisture. Want to use less messy coloring mediums for your little ones? Colored pens and pencils, crayons, and oil pastels also work perfectly on the masks. Do you want to just write on them? No problem as pens, pencils, and markers work and do not bleed on the paper. Decorate and Create to Your Heart’s Content Replicate mask designs or create your own at half the cost! Once you’ve designed one, you’ll want to do more! Aside from coloring the masks, you can customize their shape and add embellishments like feathers, sequins, and beads. You can use regular white glue for your creations! Explore your artistic potential with creations that are beyond ordinary. Use these masks as an armature or mold for clay creations. Cut to create interesting pieces to wear or display around your home or office. Perfect Activity for Everyone to Enjoy! With this value bulk package of 30 masks, you can organize mask design stations at parties or art camps. These masks will also make an interesting project for students not only for an art class but also for history and drama class! Don’t have costumes for school productions? A bit of paint and artistic flair can transform a simple blank paper mache mask into a believable animal or mythical creature mask.

2 SIZES: 15 LARGE SIZE AND 15 SMALL SIZE FOR A UNIVERSAL FIT- The two sizes, regular shape, and neural expression are perfect for different sizes of faces. The small size is 6.8 inches by 8 inches while the large size is 7.5 inches by 9.5 inches. These masks can fit both adults and children. They’re also the perfect size to hang as decors on your wall.
FOR THEATER, MASQUERADE PARTIES, AND HALLOWEEN COSTUMES – From theatrical to historical, these masks are perfect for any themed event! Add intricate details, textures, and color schemes! You can make these masks as elegant or as scary as you want them to be. Your imagination is the limit!
WONDERFUL ART CLASS ACTIVITY AND PROJECT – Develop children’s creativity by letting them create original mask designs or using the masks to teach them painting and mixed-medium techniques. With this value pack of 30 masks, you’ll have several extra pieces for those who make mistakes.
LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN FREE – Allow these blank paper mache masks to be your canvas. Create, decorate, and develop your artistic skills! Let these masks express your boundless creativity!


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