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PRACTICE PUNCH, KICK, CHOP – It stands 63.3 in tall when fully inflated it’s soft and light to the touch it has immediate spring back.This punching bag with stand is great for any little guy or girl weather in taekwondo training or just pent-up energy.Practice your martial arts – Taekwondo, punch, drop kick, and karate chop to your heart’s delight.
KEEP SCREEN TIME TO A MINIMUM – Help the active kids away from screens.This is the best way for hyperactive kids to burn off pent-up energy from sitting too long. They get a great workout and it prevents flare-ups between bored siblings.
EASY TO USE & WILL NOT TEAR – Simply fill the base with water or sand, if you prefer and inflate the top part using mouth or pump and you’re ready to go. When not in use, it can be emptied and folded down ready to play another time.A great way for the little ones to release some energy.
PERFECT SIZE FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS – The perfect gift to promote exercise in children while also helping to increase agility and hand-eye coordination. Targets are placed at strategic locations around the boxing bag, allowing children to practice different martial arts more efficiently.
EMANCIPATE ADULT’S TIME- No more worries that children can make a mess at home.let you have more time to do housework or enjoy happy afternoon tea.

Punching Bag,63.3inch Kids Punching Bag Inflatable Punching Kids Bag Freestanding Boxing Bag for Kids Adults


Exercise yourself, show your body!Thickened boxing bag will definitely give you a better use experience!

A great way for the little ones to release some energy and helps kids karate training.Cute beginner punching bag or karate practice boxing bag.


The inflatable punching bag for kids is incredibly fun for boys and girls of all ages as it will keep them active in the best way possible!



Keep Your Kid Happy And Relaxed-The kids inflatable punching bags is perfect for all kids.This boxing punching toy will help boys and girls have fun, stay active and exercise, increase their speed and strength, and find relief for their stress or anger in an athletic and safe way.
Enjoy a Warm Family Time-Can teach your child how to practice karate and increase time with your child.
Exercise at home-You need to know that frequent visits to GYM cost money and time. If you have this punching bag, you can easily exercise your body at home even if you don’t go to the gym. You also can exercise with your children at home to enhance the relationship between you and your kids. It’s very convenient whether you’re in the yard or at home or outside. This is a great punching bag! So much cheaper and less hassle. It’s a good investment.

Do You Want to Give Your Child a Surprised Birthday Gift? Boxing Bag with Stand is the Perfect Kids Present.


【House Fitness Assistant】When kids get fidgety throughout the day from too much sitting, they will often get up and have a little kickboxing session. The convenient punching bag will help your child develop a habit of loving sports. When you neglect the company of children because of work, it is a good boxing pole to increase the parent-child time. The whole family can exercise! Great Home Workout “Exercise Toy”.
【Lightweight&Durable】Ordinary plastic materials are always easy to cause air leakage, so we thicken the surface to make it more durable, leak-proof, and the design made it not only more compact, but smoother to rebound when hit. Non-hanging heavy bag design allows you to protect you from damaging walls. Portable and Save Space. The boxing bag can help you relax and relieve the soreness caused by long hours of work.
【Hand Safety】This Kids inflatable punching bags suitable for kids over 5 years old, stands at over 63inches tall. The inflatable boxing is safe, and it feels so soft and comfortable. (due to the bag is filled with air), even if it is used by children, it will not hurt. Compared with the ordinary Hard appearance boxing bag, our kids punching bag can not only save the money of boxing gloves, but also make you play more at ease. Cute beginner punching bag or karate practice bag.
【Easy To Use】 First of all, fill the base with water or sand as you like ,then inflate the top part using mouth or pump . When not in use, it can be emptied and folded down ready to play another time.Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.Good for the rainy days when you want to switch up your cardio, or practice placing strikes, working out the kinks on your combos, form, etc. This would be perfect for teenagers or smaller folks looking for a good workout, and pretty much anyone.
【How to Use】Water or dry sand weighted base.That would be approximately 4-5 gallons of water or 15.142 kilograms.Non-hanging heavy bag design allows you to exercise wherever is most convenient (Warm tips:our packing does not include air pump)


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