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Product Description

led closet light rechargeable motion sensor lightled closet light rechargeable motion sensor light

Multiple use and Wide Application

GONOTO 84 LEDS Closet light can be used any place where is dark. and we strong want some light there. Can work as some emergency light or work light, just like when we need repair our car, work, or no cut off electricity we have it on hand that is a great help for us

led closet light use and non use comparedled closet light use and non use compared

how our led closet light help us

We must have some home for no harm

rechargeable under cabniet lightrechargeable under cabniet light

Parts of using application

Please enjoy GONOTO’s led closet light uased as led kitchen lightwork light/wardore light

detail show of led closet lightdetail show of led closet light

led closet light bottom deatailled closet light bottom deatail

USE To Uase Tool-Free installation

Not like others to set difficult and if not read manual then do not know how to use. GONOTO make that become use. any just push button forward or backward to set AUTO( MOTION AND LIGHT SENSOR)/OFF/ AND ON

√ :6-12 hours non-stop use

√ :<10lux dark place sensor

√ :non-water proof

84 LED Closet Light 4W Motion Sensor Closet Lights Rechargeable

The biggest and smartest led closet light Bring a surprise in darkness everywhere!

GONOTO Led closet lights instantly projects nice lights when we met dark where no light, how scare we are. Simple switch buttons to different function we use to controls easily on “ON/OFF/AUTO” fuctions . surely it is a unique way to light up closet, dinner room, warehouse, kitchen, room, parties, as well as your workspace, some romantic dinner or parties. It also works as a unique nightlight. An excellent gift for wife, family, adults and kids alike!

GONOTO is a R&D leader in lighting,

Powered only the highest quality and most quantity led chips

biggest sensor(Dia 17mm) to generate larggest sensor size

2500mah Battery and 1A faster charger to bring best client experiences

84 PCS LED Epistar chips 4w 400lm super lumen

led closet light used in kitchen

led closet light used in kitchen

led closet for work on car

led closet for work on car

led work light

led work light

closet led light used in kitchen

closet led light used in kitchen

led closet light work as work light

led closet light work as work light

led rechargeablle coset light work as outdoor portable light

led rechargeablle coset light work as outdoor portable light

How to set fuction

AUTO Mode : also can called Motion & Light Sensor Mode, GONOTO biggest and smartest led sensor light will just turn on automatically when sensor people coming in dark place or night time (<10LUX darkplace) within the 3-5m distance with 120 degree sensing range. will AUTO light up and last for around 20s. then close if not human move sensor again.
OFF Mode : Once set the mode, all light can not work no light
ON Mode : Once set the mode, all light Non-stop light up till battery run out off

Key Specifications:

2500mAh Large Battery + 84 leds 4w 400lm

Powered by top classic 2500mAh rechargeable Li-Battery, it can last at least 6 hrs -12 hours at “ON” Mode with lumen get lower step by step after full charge.

Make sure 5v Charger can not use 12v charger: Easy can chargeed on Computer, Power bank , laptop as well as some other 5v charger

·Under Charge : RED indicator lights
·Charge full: Green indicator lights
·Charging Time: 1A charge current, 2 times faster than others 500mA, 2-4 Hours is ok

Installtion ways:

Super Easy to install: Sets screw+ Magnetic strip

One way: driect by sets screw, we sepcial design two screw hole for hanging it easly
Two: By Magnetic strip. we bulit a SUS 403 strip in our lights and attached a 3M Magnetic strip. by use strip to stick on any place you like. then can be magnet on our SUS403 Strip,. Ideal for closet,wardrobe, garage, cabinet, cupboard, basement, stairs, refrigerator, bedroom, storage room etc.

💚【 Much more brightness – Warm and Comfortable 】– This Motion Sensor rechargeable led Under Cabinet Lighting Powered by 84pcs LEDs and generate 4W 400lm Brightness VS others 240lm.
🧡【 Smartest motion detection- Larger and Durability】– Compared to Others wireless rechargeable motion sensor closet light Sold on Amazon, we use the Biggest and smartest Motion Sensor PIR( Dia.17mm 5M(15ft) VS Others Dia.10mm 3M(10ft) . It is a Luxury Aluminum Night bar Lighting for Kitchen Cabinet, Closet, Wardrobe etc
💛【 Powerful Battery – Rechargeable and longer time 】– Compared to Others Rechargeable LED closet light Sold on Amazon, we use the most powerful Battery( 2500mAh VS Others 500-1600mAh) to provide the longest and durability customer experience.
💙【 SUPER EASY TO INSTALL – Portable and Wireless 】– Adhere the 3M magnetic strip (included) to anyplace we want like Kitchen,Closet,Cabinet,Wardobe,Hallway etc OR installed by Screw. wireless and removable charging using
💜【 Why us 】 – As a factory before design, we bought and tested almost all similar items.Problems are: small sensor,not good sensor, short detection distance,lower power,lower use time,charge problem etc. So we must upgrade it INTO a big size: by big PIR Sensor,more powerful battery, fast charge USB. Best Quality and Customer Service.


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