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12 pcs home gym kit, AB wheel roller with resistance bands and knee pad, wrist trainer ball, push-up bars, wrist wraps, 8-shaped stretched band, jump rope



Professional Health Management Expert, Help You Shape A Perfect Figure

Spend few times every day to do some exercise with our AB roller wheel set, you will get a comprehensive workout, helping you build muscle groups, especially the abdominal muscles, hip flexors, arms, shoulders, back, wrists and fingers.


What is gyroscopic exercise tool?

A gyroscopic exercise tool is a device used to exercise the wrist as part of physical therapy or in order to build palm, forearm and finger strength.

It can also be used as a unique demonstration of some aspects of rotational dynamics.

Once the gyroscope inside is going fast enough, a person holding the device can accelerate the spinning mass to high revolution rates by moving the wrist in a circular motion.

Who need it?

Everyone would need it and everyone would love it.

The smallest and most powerful ball in the world, it is portable, suitable for all ages, and is not limited by space. It can be used anytime and anywhere, watching TV at home, outdoors, going for a walk or in the car, or in the office.

And it is also a perfect stress relief toy.







Push-up Bars

This pushup bars are light enough to travel and made of premium materials to ensure the strength.

The rubber base can make sure the two push-up bars won’t slip away.

Push up workout is target to the biceps, lats, triceps, pecs, abs and deltoids. Our push-up handle holds up to 440lbs.

Figure 8 Stretched Band

NINETHOT resistance band is made of the highest quality natural latex, have a long life-span and very durable.

Great for CrossFit athletes, Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts, or general home exercise.

Jump Rope

Doing exercise with jump rope will exercise the muscles of the whole body, it is the easiest and most effective way to shape a good figure.

The length of NINETHOT jump rope is adjustable, it can be adjusted quickly according to your height. Suitable for adults and children.

【9 in 1 Home Gym Set】 1* AB roller wheel, 1* Thick foam knee mat, 2* Push Up bars handles grips, 1* Gyro ball, 1* Jump rope, 2* Resistance bands, 2* wrist wraps, 1* figure 8 stretched band, 1* Guide book, package in a gift box. Super comprehensive exercise set help you keep fit and shape better figure at home.
【Enhanced Abdominal Wheel and Soft Knee Pad】 Super thick wheel roller made of premium ABS materials, covered with an anti-slip rubber, it wouldn’t hurt any type of floor. And the stainless heavy-duty steel bar can hold up to 600lb, make sure stability, silence and comfort when you are workout.
【Novel Fidget Toy】 A Power spinner is not only a workout equipment, but also a perfect fidget toy, and it is portable, compact and easy start design. By the rotation of the wrist, the gyro ball rotates at a high speed, thus producing a strong force to exercise the muscles of fingers and the wrist. Generate 48.5lb-in of torque at 10,000 RPM.
【About Another Exercise Devices】 The resistances can provide resistance on the way out and a controlled return when play with ab roller wheel. Another device like push-up bars, 8-shaped stretched band can help you exercise more muscle groups. The length of the jumping rope can be adjusted to the desired height. All the exciting stuffs are portable size, you can train yourself anytime and anywhere.
【Full Body Workout Equipment】 This ab roller kit including 8 kinds of exercise equipment which can help you strengthen and tone the shoulders, arms, abdominal muscles, legs and enhance the toughness of the wrist and the flexibility of the fingers. Helping you keep fit and shape better figure, exercise works various muscles targeting your abs, shoulders, and back, prevent from muscular injury.


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