ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder, USB

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Q9 Golf Rangefinder

Get accurate and usable yards in the palm of your hand.



650 Yards ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder

Looking for a fast and accurate Golf rangefinder to know the exact distances?

Q9 Golf Rangefinder is one of ideal device that gives accurate measurements to the pin to help you dial in yours shots.No more guessing game from a measurement. Get important and usable information in hand, you can trust!

Improve your golf sport & obtain more pleasure time with ACEGMET golf finder.

Slope, Flag lock, and pulse vibration

Measuring distance of 650 yards

An accuracy of +/- 0.5 yards

USB Li-ion Battery










USB Charging

USB cable charging make it extremely convenient to use. No need to fuss with replacement batteries, our rechargeable batteries make it quick and easy to charge up between rounds. Charge up on your way to the course in your car if you have to!

Flag-Pin Seeker

With our high precision lasers, you can quickly lock onto the pin and get immediate vibration feedback once locked. Vivid, Clear text shows highly accurate data, LASER FAST!

One Button Design

With one button design, it’s as easy as grab and shoot. Just aim and press! Short press for quick distance measure. Long press to quickly lock on to the flag. When it counts, ACE IT!

Comfort and Compact

Constructed with rubber casing, it offers you with comfort & soft feel with a firm grip. Compact and easy to carry, find out your yard in seconds.


[Lock on Flag Only] At under $100, our laser rangefinder is one of the few modes that can accurately find and lock onto the pin to help you adjust your shot. The golf rangefinders automatically exclude interference from surrounding objects. Prioritize the nearest measurement target for ranging. With our high accuracy measuring system and nearest target priority model, you can quickly lock onto the pin and get immediate vibration feedback once locked.
[Measure the correct distance] The range finder has a range of 650 yards and an accuracy of 0.5 yards. It is not enough to accurately measure your distance to the hole. The ball flew in a parabola after being hit. In other words, if the hole is on the ramp. The distance you just measured is not what you need. Our golf rangefinder provides up to 20°of slope distance compensation. This laser rangefinder can effectively help you choose the correct club model and shot strength when hitting the ball
[Safe Measurement] when long range measurement is realized. We also pay attention to the safety of using the product. The measurement principle of range finder for golfers is based on the reception of a reflected laser. It is intercepted by a filter layer inside the optical system. A small amount of the laser still enters the eye. When an unstable laser power emits too much laser power, it can cause damage to the eye. Therefore, we use the stable 905 NM laser tube technology to prevent accidents
[Ultimate user experience] This golf rangefinder with slope is compact and easy to carry, one-button design that can be operated with one hand. While providing fast and accurate measurement functions, we have also considered the time of use. This golf distance range finders will automatically shut down after 6 seconds of inactivity, even if you forgot to charge the night before. You can also charge the golf laser range finders via a USB cable at any time
[See more clearly] The 6x optical magnification of the range finders helps you find the flagpole more easily. The focal length of the eyepiece can be adjusted. Myopia within 500 degrees can be used directly without glasses. Although the golf range finders is small, you can still see a wide field of view. What if I am not satisfied with the use? We provide a worry-free 18-month warranty and efficient customer service.


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