Amorom Golf Rangefinder, 656



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1. Caution for Laser Radiation: This is a class 2 laser product (human accessible power output:<1mW). Please do not stare into the beam or view directly with optical instruments for protecting your eyes.
2. Flagpole Lock Mode: The flagpole lock mode will help increase accuracy when scan sideways’ distracting object is at least 5-yard away from the flagpole target.

Product Specifications:
Model No.: 5-600P
Laser type: 905 nm
Magnification: 6X
Eye piece size: 16 mm
Pinseeker Range:5Y-200Y
Exit pupil diameter: 3.8 mm
Net weight: 172 g / 0.4 lb
Dimensions: 4.1×1.6×3.2inxh
Operating temperatures: -10℃-40℃
Measuring range of distance: 5-600 m
Measuring range of speed: 0-300 km/h
Precision of speed measurement: ±5 km/h
Precision of distance measurement: Average ±1 m
Battery: AAA battery, 1.5V, Alkaline (Zn–MnO2), 0.75Wh
【LONG MEASURING RANGE】Our Golf Rangefinder is a great device to determine the fixed points’ distance, and its’ range up to 656 yards to ensure you can arrive to the range of the target.
【MAXIMUM ACCURACY & CLEAR VIEW】The Golf Range Finder is accurate to one yard and get nearer and clearer view with 6x magnification. And diopter can be adjusted (±5D) for short-sighted or far-sighted people to use it without glasses.
【PREMIUM QUALITY】High-quality materials, precise craftsmanship, dustproof, shockproof and waterproof design make the Laser Range Finder durable.
【MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】With Flagpole lock, golf distance correction, fog, horizontal distance, and speed mode (accuracy of 5 km/h), our golf rangefinder suit for a variety of environments and industries.
【EASY TO CARRY】Our golf range finder is very ergonomically designed that easy to grip. And it comes with belt-mountable bag and lanyard, which make the laser ranger easy to pack and keep handy.


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