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ANBALA scrunchiesANBALA scrunchies

Welcome to ANBALA store!

ANBALA is a beauty store focus on hair Accessories for many years. we have competitive supplying team. If you search ANBALA ,you will find lot of hair Accessories on sale which have received excellent feedback from lot of customers. we have different hair clips on sale. you can choose different color or different combination hair clips in our store. every purchase in our store is reliable. hope you get the scrunchies what you want!

womens hair scrunchieswomens hair scrunchies

Why you choose us?

Let me compare with 3 most popular scarf scrunchies for you. then you can make your decision

1, About color, as you see, the 4 set of hair scrunchies have pink and black color. it is because that two color is welcomed by many girls and women, when you check the sales rank, you will find that. in this case, every set of hair scrunchies meet your needs if you want some solid color hair scrunchies. what you need to do is find the cheap one, because absolutely the material is same (you may check the detail page).

2, Suitable Occasion: generally when women or girls wearing hair accessories depends on personal mood. or depends on your dress color. from this point, we can find that our hair scrunchies have more possibility. because our hair scrunchies set not only have solid color, but also bold color scrunchies. if you wearing solid color too much time, it will so boring. life need something colorful.

3, Suitable Ages: Our hair scrunchies suitable for both women and girls because different color range, dark, light, bright, bold color. Great hair accessories for different ages, good gift for mom, sisters, friends. the 6 pack seller’s seems only for old women,because the set of scrunchies have no light color hair scarf scrunchies. the seller who is all 10 pack solid color have same problem as the 6 pack one, now. the last seller. the color is belong to light color series,which suitable for young girls only.

4, the last and important factor, just give up the most expensive set. then you will find that our hair scrunchies is your best choice.

women hair accessorieswomen hair accessories

10 scrunchies = 15 normal scrunchies (separate using)

What you get: 5 Scarf Scrunchies + 5 Bunny Ear Scrunchies

Color: 5 Solid color + 5 Bohemian Color

hair scrunchieshair scrunchies

Different method to wear

Different ways to tie your hair up. very useful and beautiful

hair scrunchieshair scrunchies

anbala scrunchiesanbala scrunchies

ANBALA scrunchies, you best choice!

Anbala Scrunchies combines American pop culture and artistic style, while highlighting nature. American style, characterized by elegance, implicitness and nobility, It also associated with self-confidence that modern women pursuing, Fashion life taste, Anbala will always adhere to the design concept of exquisite fashion.Let more modern women to find more beauty and pursue their dreams.

You deserve a good , beautiful ,and practical Scarf scrunchies.

No matter you want to stay at home, office or planning to have a travel or camping with your friends, this scrunchies. can meet your needs. do not forget that this scrunchies can be separated, you could be wild or you could be a quiet women or girls. different use of this hair scrunchies will add more fun into your life, you deserve a good , beautiful,and practical Scarf scrunchies. it also can be very good gift for your femle frineds, sisters, mom, roommate, colleague and so on,

Valueable — Beautiful & Charming

Great for thick hair –Durable – Multi-function

Material: premium satin, Elastic rubber band

Wide color range, (black, blue, white, pink red,cyan,yellow, Champagne,sky blue, floral style,Multicolor.) 5 long scarf scrunchies with tails + 5 bow scrunchies with pearl

(Valueable — Beautiful & Charming — Great for thick hair –Durable – Multi-function)

hair scrunchieshair scrunchies

Warm Tips:

This scarf scrunchies thickness is Thinner and more flexible and soft, but absolutely applicable for different season. but if you need relative thicker and harder scrunchies. we also have other scrunchies set for your choice. for examples ASIN ID B083DW8JZ5 or B07WTW6575

Great for Thick hair : This set of Hair Scrunchies comes with a very durable elastic rubber band inside. super durable. great for thick hair ,long hair. 2 in 1 Design: this set of hair scarf for women could be use as normal Scrunchy Bobbles and hair scarves. very cute and beautiful bunny ear scrunchies for women and girls. it is great gift choice of Bowknot Scrunchie Ponytail Holder. this 2 in 1 elastic hairbands with hair ribbons is very practical for different occasion
Simple & Bohemian style: this set of Ribbon Hair Scrunchies have two color series. you can change the color or style as you prefer. you can wear any style according to your mood , very beautiful and practical, Wide color range, (black, blue, white, pink red,cyan,yellow, Champagne,sky blue, floral style,Multicolor.) 5 long scarf scrunchies with tails + 5 bow scrunchies with bows.
Reliable seller: We are honest seller, each Scrunchies is strictly checked by our QC team. we promise the Scarf Scrunchies quality. we will do refund or send replacement for free if the Scrunchies have any problem, you are not required to return the defective one.
Hairdo helper: As This Hair Scrunchies come with a long Scarf , this Scarf can be use for different hairstyle. such as ties hair up directly with the Scarf , Plunge the scarf into Plait. or use it to make a hair bun. and so on.


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