And Then You Loved Me



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Readers who have enjoyed the emotional, heartfelt stories of authors like Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks may enjoy "this great read about life, love, and the consequences of choices and actions."

A contemporary romance for anyone who’s ever believed that true love never leaves our hearts. . .
People say you can’t ever go back. That some of the things that happen to us simply cannot be redone.

But the paths of a life journey are rarely straight. They twist and turn and wind back across those once visited and long thought to have faded from existence.

Becca Miller has lived her life trying to do the right thing, even when its cost has been giving up the boy she loved and wanted to marry. The sacrifice she made for her sister isn’t one she regrets because there was no other choice for her to make. And for eighteen years, she lives this choice with full commitment and as little looking back as she can manage.

When Matt Griffith returns to Ballard County for the funeral of his grandmother, the path that had seemed so straight begins to loop back and take her across feelings she thought she had put away for good. As it turns out, those roads we’ve traveled do not fade at all. They simply wait to be retraveled, leaving us with the decision to follow them exactly as we did before, or make a different choice and find out where it will lead us. (Previously titled Crossing Tinker’s Knob.)

"I don’t want to do an “actual” book review for this because it doesn’t need spoilers, it doesn’t need me to tell you what’s going to happen; YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! It’s the epitome of women’s fiction. I’ve never read a women’s fiction book that I was so consumed by. Please take a few hours, a few days, whatever you need and read this book. It’s one my most favorites for 2014."Shannon Daniel – Amazon Review

"This book moved me in ways that I find hard to explain in this review. The only thing I can compare it to is another book I read that also moved me in ways I couldn’t explain – Night Road by Kristin Hannah. Ms. Cooper’s writing is rich and descriptive; you can see and feel what the characters see and feel." – Reviewer ButtonsMom2003

"Oh wow…I just finished and am sitting here stunned by the depth of this story…I have had so many emotions rung out of me by these characters. Ms. Cooper’s ability to capture so many characters individuality is storytelling at its best and says much about her talent as a writer!" – Reviewer S. Schwartz

"Crossing Tinker’s Knob is one of those sit down and read it until it’s done kind of books that takes you through the life of a young woman who gave up her true love to help her sister through a tragedy. You will be pulled into the story and find yourself rooting for the characters as they all face the consequences of decisions made 18 years ago. Life and love always find a way." – Reviewer K. White


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