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Do you believe in healing through the use of natural remedies and sources?

Do you wish to learn to make use of natural sources by making your own medicines for a healthier and safer lifestyle, all while saving money?

This book contains everything you need to achieve your goals!

From ancient times to the beginning of modern medicines, a lot of people have and still rely on herbal and traditional medicines for their illnesses and common medical problems. In the modern times, herbal medicines are attracting attention again due to increasing awareness about the dangers and side effects of today’s drugs prescribed by doctors and drug companies who would easily choose profit over a common man’s health.

In this book, Antiviral, Antibiotic, Alkaline, and Detox Herbal Medicines for Beginners, you will find that a huge range of ailments can be treated with simple tonics, with detailed information on:

  • Dosages for herbal medicines
  • Infusions, tinctures and elixirs
  • Ointments and poultices
  • Treatment of respiratory viruses
  • Protecting your immune system
  • Herbal antibiotics
  • The alkaline diet
  • And many more…

Each herbal medicine mentioned inside this book has its own unique properties and abilities clearly highlighted therein. Their use for treating problems such as aches and pains, weakened immune system, and nasal congestion has been explained greatly.

It is a perfect book for beginners who wish to save their money, as well as their health, by gaining insight into herbal medicines available at low costs. This book contains information about more than 25 medicinal plants and over 65 recipes for treating various diseases. This makes it a must-have for all the people out there wanting to get a start at making their own medicines.

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