AquaLogix Total Body System – Upper Body Aquatic Bells & Lower Body Fins – Full Body Pool Workout – Bell/Fin Color Indicate Resistance Level – Online Demonstration Video & Workout Program Link



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Product Description

The Aqualogix Total Body System – Combine Upper Body Aquatic Bells with our Aquatic Fins for Lower or Upper Body Use

Why Drag Resistanc Aquatic Equipment?

Aqualogix capitalizes on “the principle of fluid omni-directional drag resistance” in water. In fluid dynamics, drag, refers to forces that act on a solid object in the direction of the relative fluid flow velocity. This simply means, being able to work a muscle group equally and smoothly in any direction.

The water provides the ultimate environment for low impact training for all ages. By reducing the load on your body, Aqualogix users experience the ability to workout at a higher intensity, without the pain, because YOU create and control the level of resistance at which you work.

Training in the water will help you reach your full potential by allowing you to safely progress much faster then you would with traditional land based exercise. The Aqualogix Fitness System offers a diverse array of aquatic exercise equipment that can be utilized to treat a wide variety of patient conditions. It is ideal for the treatment of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and lower back conditions.

Aquatic exercise will leave you feeling rejuvinated, not beat up.

Turn your Pool into a Gym

Injury Recovery & Therapy

Regain your range of motion and strength without “over doing it” Avoid joint stiffness and minimize the build-up of scar tissue, getting you back in the game Rather than immobilization, reconditioning and the reintroduction of many movements can begin sooner Infinite degrees of recovery variability in not only resistance, but movement patterns as well Return to readiness weeks or even months faster than land based rehabilatation

Muscular Development & Athletic Performance
Dynamic omni-directional rotational force of multi-planned stretching and strengthing, teaches the body to store elastic energy Unparalleled effectiveness in the establishment of sport relevant strength potential Train at the highest intensity while keeping the impact to a minimum, yielding faster recovery from your last heavy workout – Eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness Training key muscle and joint actions that effect sports specific movement, thus enabeling dramatic improvements in speed, quickness, power & sports specific skills

Pick the Resistance Level – Set Your Tempo

Dynamic high-intensity, low-impact cardiovascular aquatic workout
Bells engage your upper body, arm and core
Fins wrap around your ankles/wrists and engage your lower or upper body, legs, arms and core
Strengthens builds and tones muscles and burns calories more effectively than most land based workouts
Allow for a fuller range of motion and coordination for injury recovery

Maximum Resistance Blue Bells or Fins – Provide a dynamic strength and power training water workout.

All Purpose Black Bells – Perfect for fast tempo aquatic fitness workouts, cardio, core, strengthening and injury recovery training.

All Purpose Sulfur/Yellow Hybrid Fins – The newest addition to our line of functional aquatic resistance equipment. The All Purpose Fins provide a great balance of good resistance for knee hinge movements and also long lever hip articulation.

High Speed Green Bells or Fins – Allow the user to do fast tempo water workouts moving the arms and legs through the water at rapid speed to ignite the small fast twitch muscles for explosive power and speed. The bells and fins also engage the neuromuscular connection for better balance, coordination, athletic performance and injury recovery.

We are homegrown

Our high quality ABS plastic is molded here and all products are hand assembled in beautiful San Diego, California.

New Ultra-Comfort Aquatic Fins

Launched in 2016, our improved version of the Resistance Fins, improved on an already great product. Available in Max Resistance & High Speed.

Workout Video w/ 30 Sample Movements

We want to get you started with a video download that shows you a wide range of movements you can perform with the Total Body System.

COMPLETE AQUATIC FITNESS SYSTEM – View the resistance levels of this equipment bundle below. The user still controls the resistance created by increasing or reducing the movement speed/tempo. The entire range of Aqualogix Aquatic Fitness Equipment allows you to workout at a high intensity with minimal impact on your joints, great for cross-training.
AQUA BELLS (1 set) – Black All-Purpose Bells are great for looking to combine cardio and muscle building in one size. For the in-shape individual it still allows quick tempo cardio or sports specific movement training development of fast twitch muscle fibers and overall muscle strength. Movements at a moderate tempo will benefit from the larger fin size (double that of the green bell) and allow a full range of versatility. Slow tempo exercisers may prefer the Maximum Resistance Blue Bells.
AQUA FINS (1 set) – Blue Maximum Resistance Fins are ideal for moderate to slower tempo movements. Also used by powerful athletes throughout their range of motion.
Upper and Lower Body Pool Fitness Equipment – Total Body workout including Weight Training, Cardio, Sport Movement, Core and Abs. Includes access to an online 30+ movement demonstration video.
Our Most Popular Total Body System Setup – Perfect for all levels of users from post-surgical rehab to professional athletes and virtually every population in-between. As your strength and endurance improves, you will be able to move faster thus creating more resistance. As you fatigue towards the end of sets/reps you will naturally slow the movement thus reducing resistance and eliminating the risk for weight bearing injury.


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