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In partnership with the Northeastern Thai craftsmen and craftswomen, we create handy lightweight ergonomically designed spurtles using natural golden brown teaks in the region. The handle is intentionally created to be comfortable when holding. The Spurtle has a straight tip; you can cook or scrape your cookware with no worry about the scratches. The angled edge is also easy to get to the pots’ corner. We, the company employees and the locals, are very content to learn more and better our craft products to another level. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the safe and pleasant cooking experience with our handmade and heartcrafted spurtles.
100% CAREFREE COOKING EXPERIENCE Our FAAY Teak Spurtle Set are made of 100% golden brown teak. They are lightweight and handy. The handle is designed to be comfortable to hold. They can spread, cook, mixed and scrape; compatible with pots, pan, baking tray, ceramic dishware. The angled edge also easily gets to the corner of your cookware effortlessly. The smooth curved edges of wood spoons make them ideal to use with Teflon coated and delicate finish pots and woks.
100% HEALTHY AND ECO-FRIENDLY Our FAAY Teak Spurtles are from sustainable source of teaks in Thailand. Teaks are well known to be heat and moist resistant. Please be noted that the product color depends on types of soil (it can be either dark or light golden brown). No glue or lacquer added, only coconut oil finished. This is just to ensure our valuable customers good health.
100% HANDMADE AND HEARTCRAFTED BY LOCAL ARTISANS Most of the wooden utensils nowadays are machinemade. Every piece of our products helps the local artisans maintain their remarkable craft skill and pass it down to the next generations. They are genuine artists, and they just need a little space to express their talent. Only you can provide them with that.
100% EASY TO TAKE CARE Wash them with warm water and soft sponge to preserve their qualities. We recommend you dry them by hanging. If there is something sticking to our spoons, just put them in the water for 5 minutes before washing. Please store them in dry place when not used. When teak products are exposed to oil and heat, their color normally becomes darker, but they are still perfectly useable. Oil them occasionally when feel dry to prevent crack.
100% WARRANTY GUARANTEED In case our spurtles do not come in their best condition like in the photo or get broken after being used for 30 days, just let us know. We sincerely apologize and will definitely send you the new ones in no time. We appreciate all your remarks and comments. They are the key tools to develop and improve our handmade and heartcrafted products.


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