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ground blindground blind

Why Three Panels?

Compared to traditional hunting ground blind Auscamotek adds some great featues into it’s 3-Panel blind

1. Easier excess.

With fully closed ground blind, you may found it’s not easy to get in or out of it, especially when you have other hunting accessoires like hunting chairs, camera tripod stand and no need to mention long barrel and archery

2. You can shoot in any direction

No matter how many shooting windows ground blinds have, you may found it’s not possbile to shoot into the sky, with our 3-Panel blind, you can adjust the panel angle and look into any dicrection

3. More flexible and spacious for 1 -2 person

According to the hunting field situation and terrain, You may adjust the blind into a 150″ one-side camouflage shooting screen or you may set it into a triangle blind or 3-sides with any angle you want. it’s big enough to accomodate 1 to 2 person

4. Compact lightweight quick set up and take down

It’s 3-Panel pop up construction makes it much quicker and easier to set up and take down within a few seconds and lightweight smaller size . All these features make it ideal for stalking or spot hunting

5.Good Camouflauge blend into surrounding effectively

the forest camo or wetland camouflage pattern make it looks like real tree and dry grass fit for different seasons and terrains 3d leaves at the corner or edge blurs the outline and brush it well into the background tapes stitched onto the blind for adding twigs branches or foliage to brush in

turkey ground blind

turkey ground blind

deer ground blind

deer ground blind

waterfowl ground blind

waterfowl ground blind

Blend in well in spring

It’s great for turkey hunting in sprint or early Autumn season

Blend in well in Autumn and Winter

Tree trunk and leaves camo pattern is ideal for deer hunting in Autumn and Winter season

Blend in well in Autumn and Winter

Dry grass pattern is geat to use in corn field or wetland hunting terrain.

It’s no roof design enable you to shoot into sky which is great for hunting duck,geese , crow, dove and anything that flys.

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550LB capacity

light weighted


durable die cut

durable die cut

durable die cut

Size: 50″(W)x47″(H) each panel; weight 6.2 lb, Suitable for 1 to 2 person
Fabric: Made of durable 300D camouflage netting blind material as skirt and see-through mesh with 3d leafy cut-outs at eye level provides best camoflage and vision
Ingenious design: setting up and taking down within a few seconds; adjustable from 1 sides to 3 sides at any angle according to your hunting field situation
1 shooting-through window on each panel with the adjustable construction you can shooting at any directions
camo blind printed packing bag with shoulder strap for easy carrying


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