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Convenience And Affordability:

Are you looking for a safe, convenient and secure storage solution when transporting your valuable firearms? Have you tried other seat back slings and had issues with quality and durability? Do you need a solution that isn’t going to break the bank?

Bear Claw Sports has looked at this issue and designed the perfect back seat gun sling for any hunter or firearms enthusiast. When I spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on a rifle I want to know it is going to be secure when I’m transporting it to the range. Our gun sling design keeps your firearms tucked securely out of the way, allowing your cab space to be clean and organized, while at the same time still giving you easy access at any time.

Quality Design For Long Term Rugged Use:

Many other gun slings are made with cheap plastic parts and stitching that just can’t survive a rugged lifestyle. That just isn’t going to cut it. We use durable metal clasps and strong nylon strapping that maintains the light weight design but adds much more strength than other products out there. Our team made sure that when you strap in with our product, you can be confident that your firearms will be safe and secure when you get to your final destination.

Try adding a little convenience to your life with a firearm accessory you won’t want to live without once you have tried it.

Step By Step Instructions:

1) Loop each sling over your car seat headrests.

2) Fasten the buckle strap to the bottom of the seat.

3) Load in your firearms and you are on the road ready to go!
FAST AND SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Just hang the slings over the headrest of any car seat and snuggly fasten at the bottom with the metal clasped elastic strap. No tools required!
SECURE FIT: Keep your firearms securely out of the way yet still easy to access. Clear up space in your truck cab with two rifle slots and two storage pockets for ammunition or anything else you might need. Fits any vehicle perfectly. Can even be used in the house.
SUPERIOR DURABLE DESIGN: Manufactured up to Bear Claw Sports standards. The top strap includes tight encryption webbing to keep the stitching from pulling out under pressure. The bottom strap is designed with dependable metal clasps that clip into metal loops. Design does not break like our competitors.
MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This automotive gun rack makes a perfect gift for a birthday, holiday, or just because you want to give one! It’s a great accessory for any hunter or firearms enthusiast.
BEAR CLAW SPORTS WARRANTY INCLUDED: Easily sign up for our totally free 5 YEAR WARRANTY included with your purchase. If you are not totally satisfied with your gun caddy, just reach out for a full refund or replacement product.


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