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Product Description


Genuine Deep Cleaning Design for All Facial Problems

Newly upgraded vacuum blackhead be of unparalleled super-strong vacuum suction, can deep into your facial skin to help remove blackheads and clean pores to achieve genuine yet harmless facial cleaning The blackhead remover uses the latest technology, adding a high-definition lens to the vacuum , and you can clearly see the blackhead removal effect. AI intelligent algorithm, 3 suction levels, 5 replaceable suction heads, a suction power of up to 56 KPA,it can effectively remove the dirty inside the pores, quickly remove the excess oil in the blackheads and pores, deeply clean the pores, and make the pores delicate and firm.









Step 1:

Clean your face with fical cleaner

Step 2:

Use Facial steamer or apply a hot towel on your face for 5mins to open your pore

Step 3:

Link with your phone or iPad to pour vacuum,then you can observe the pore situation.Move the pore vacuum back&forth around the pore,don’t leave it on the same spot in case of skin bruise

Step 4:

After treatment, use a mask for skin care or close pores with an ice towel or ice water


Warm tips for the best blackhead remove

1.Don’t stay one place to long to prevent from purple and red skin

2.Dry skin can use it once a week,oily and mixed skin can use it twice a week

3. After the skin care is finished, the skin surface will have a slight irritation and redness, which is normal and will subside on its own in about 30 minutes. Please do adequate skin protection;

4. Not recommended for pregnant women, children, patients with skin diseases and people who have undergone facial cosmetic procedures;

5. Sensitive and fragile areas such as danger triangle, eye corner, eyelid are not recommended.


What different with trandition pore vacumm

1. Sync skin images by Wifi in real time, no delay.

2.With 30px camera shows you exactly where the blackheads are, Over 3sec at the same skin, warm and safe operation reminder you don’t need to over-vacuum healthy skin.

3.AI intelligent algorithm, 3 suction levels up to 56 KPA of suction to meet the different needs of the skin, quickly remove blackheads and excess oil in the pores, deeply clean the pores.

The blackhead vacuum suck the stubborn blackhead by adjustable strong suction(up to 56Kpa)


Before Vs After

Removing blackheads needs powerful suction, but too much powerful suction will cause skin damaged. Our blackhead remover is the most suitable one after thousands of experience and calculation since it can remove blackhead without cause skin damaged.


Product parameters

Pixel:5.0 Megapixels


Battery Parameter:1800mAH

When the power is exhausted, you can charging it with a USB cable.


Packing list

Visible Blackhead Remover Vacuum * 1


USB Cable*1

Product Instruction*1

SAFE & EFFECTIVE + 5 REPLACEABLE TIPS:We have done over 1000+ users test before the official sale.It is made of Hypoallergenic material ABS and mildness has been tested to make sure you feel safe using our beauty machine.Come with six types of skin-friendly probes can solve various skin problems.Three adjustable suction levels are suitable for different skin types. Soft mode for dry skin, standard mode for mixed skin and strong mode for oily skin.
WIFI&LONG STANDBY TIME:The Pimple Sucker with Camera realizes the function of synchronizing video and taking pictures on the APP by connecting the WIFI. Applicable to Android4.4, iOS9.0, Windows Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X10.8 and above. Built-in 1800mA USB battery, can be charged for 2 hours, standby 90 minutes. If 5mins per time and 1-2 times per week, it can use it for a month after charge fully.
6.0 MEGAPIXELS + 30X MICROSCOPE BLACKHEAD REMOVER:Our Blackhead Suction Tool is equipped with a 6.0 Megapixels, 30 times magnification display high-definition lens, which can avoid blindly cleaning the blackheads and can clearly see the cleaning effect. Support AVI format HD video and JPG format snapshot images.
ATTENTION:Charge it before use,it can not be used while charging.


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