Bridgestone Golf Series e12



Price: $59.95
(as of Apr 08,2021 09:34:19 UTC – Details)

The e12 Golf Ball from Bridgestone offers amateur golfers a chance to catch up to the big hitters. You get 2 dozen (24 balls) with purchase. With its 3-piece, surelyn design that improves feel and forgiveness around the greens, the e12 delivers its most noticeable differences off the tee. Focused on resisting unnecessary sidespin that pushes your ball left and right, the Delta Wing Dimple pattern in the e12 creates a straighter flight with less drag. Designed specifically for players with swing speeds slower than 105 MPH, this ball’s High Performance Polymer material in the second layer provides increased thrust and higher initial velocity at impact to help the ball fly further in the air. Don’t swing harder. Swing smarter by switching to the revolutionary Bridgestone Golf e12 Golf Balls for increased distance for amateur players.

Includes 24 golf balls that are designed for amateur players with less than 105 MPH driver swing speeds
Delivers sidespin-reducing performance to travel straighter and further in the air
3-piece design for a softer feel around the greens and added distance off the tee
Active Acceleration Mantle layer provides increased thrust and higher initial velocity to help golfers with slower swing speeds
Utilizes Delta Wing Dimple pattern for less drag and improved aerodynamics


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