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STOP SUFFERING FROM BUNION PAIN AND DISCOMFORT! DUZEL bunion corrector helps relieve big toe joint pain and prevents hallux valgus. It gradually returns the foot to its natural form and alleviates the load on the big toe. Expert doctors recommend a corrector for people who suffer pain in their big toe due to wearing tight shoes and high heels. KEY FEATURES BIG TOE JOINT CORRECTION: Designed with the help of orthopedic doctors, bunion correctors are recommended in case of inflammatory diseases of the joints such as hallux valgus, bunions, hammer toes, crooked or overlapping toes for both men and women. EFFICIENT: After a few weeks of using a bunion splint, you will notice a decrease in pain and discomfort. It may take a few days to get used to wearing it. EASY TO USE: This bunion guard can be easily worn under socks and without socks. There are no special care instructions. Just wash and dry it regularly. DUZEL CARES ABOUT YOUR FOOT HEALTH AND COMFORT!

BIG TOE SUPPORT: The bunion splint uses an integrated aluminum brace to supply constant, gentle support to a big toe It helps maintain toe joint alignment and slows the progression of bunions.
NON-SLIP DESIGN: The corrective bunion brace prevents slipping off during sleep. Thanks to comfortable adjustable straps, it creates the perfect fit. You can adjust the tightness as you need.
BREATHABLE: The corrector is made of soft nonwoven and irritation-free material for a suitable fit. Skin-friendly material provides comfort. You can even wear them under socks.
FLEXIBLE SIZE: This bunion relief kit fits most sizes and can be worn by both men and women. Thanks to the hook & loop strap, it can be adjusted to any width to keep your big toes in the right place.


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