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Calabaza powder removes the hassle of peeling, boiling, and mashing up calabaza. Simply add calabaza powder to your broth or recipe for an authentic taste of calabaza. The Calabaza powder will save a lot of time during the preparation of soup joumou or any soup that calls for calabaza such as kabocha squash congee soup. Calabaza powder is made with Calabaza that has been dried. It has absolutely no preservatives. When water is added back, it gives the same rich taste of traditional Calabaza. For great tasting soup, add 1/2 cup of powder to 10 cups of water. Calabaza is a variety of squash grown in Tropical areas including the West Indies and the Caribbean. It has a firm texture, a sweet and nutty flavor. It is less watery than butternut squash. The powder will absorb more water than other type of squash. Monayiti Calabaza is dried then turned into powder. No preservative was needed. Use it in recipes for soup. Soup Joumou recipe also called Haitian Independence Day soup! 5 cups Vegetable (or meat, chicken) broth 1/2 cup Monayiti pumpkin (calabaza) 1/2 cup of diced potatoes 1/2 cup of diced celery 1/4 cup diced carrots 1 diced turnip 1/4 cup cabbage cut in 1 inch pieces 1/4 cup ronzoni (or other tube pasta) 1/4 cup vermicelli (part of traditional recipe, can also use angel hair spaghetti) 1/2 cup cooked meat (optional). Mix powder, broth, meat, potato, celery. Boil for about 20 minutes. Add remaining ingredients. Cook until pasta is soft. Turn off heat. Serve warm. For thicker soup, add more powder. For thinner soup, add more broth.


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