Calphalon 7-Piece Gourmet



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Uniquely designed spoons; turner and scraper feature corners with different shapes; allowing utensils to reach into the edge of almost any size pan. Spoon has flat edge to scrape the bottom of the pan; essential for making sauces; eggs and more. Turner is designed with a unique serrated edge to cut food; plus low-profile head is angled to slide under food for easy turning. Slotted utensils quickly drain away water or other cooking liquids. Scrapers have flexible silicone heads; and are great for mixing; stirring; and folding ingredients as well as scraping the last bit of batter or liquid from your mixing bowl. Stainless steel crock for handy and attractive countertop storage. Textured soft-touch handles. Set Includes: Slotted Nylon Spoon; Slotted Nylon Turner; Large Nylon Scraper; Nylon Ladle; All-Purpose Wood Turner; Solid Wood Spoon; and Stainless Steel Storage Crock.
Nylon utensils and stainless steel crock are dishwasher safe
Nylon utensils heat resistant to 400 Degree F/204 Degree C; Silicone scraper heads heat resistant to 500 Degree F/260 Degree C
BPA free materials
Nylon and wood utensils won’t scratch nonstick cookware


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