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Every Chinese medicine practitioner has to be a jack-of-all-trades. They need to be good at acupuncture, prescribing a perfect herbal formula for their patients and conversing in an effective and polite manner.

They also require basic knowledge of setting up and running their own business. Ideally, they have skills in marketing to get the message out there to attract patients to fill appointments, let alone make them come back after their first treatment.

Often, there is a lack of confidence in addressing situations that may arise in the daily running of the clinic, like how to handle complaints or cancellations, where to source herbs from and how to dispense them professionally.

With so many professional associations in our industry, it’s hard to decide which one to choose and where to go to best align continuous professional development with our bigger vision. In fact, it can be hard to envisage where and how you may be practising in 10 years’ time.

The facets are many, time is little and pressure is high!

The aim of this book is to guide you towards a better future in the Chinese medicine profession and to help you establish vision, ideas and systems to ensure a successful future as a practitioner.

It is based on someone who has been there before and has accumulated almost two decades of experience in both running a Chinese medicine clinic and a professional dispensary.

You can dive into this book and digest certain sections that are of importance to you right now or you can simply muse from Element to Element. There is a chance that it will provide established practitioners with new ideas to integrate into their business as well.

Author Bio

Swiss-born Brigitte Linder migrated to Australia in 2008 and now operates a professional Chinese medicine practice and herbal dispensary in regional Victoria. Her business journey in Australia has provided Brigitte with a steep learning curve and she now enjoys the fruits of her labour. Brigitte is a self-confessed advocate for quality, change and progress in the Chinese medicine profession and she enjoys assisting practitioners at all levels find their own rhythm and style so they can run a successful clinic that provides them with a good income and personal satisfaction.

Other Contributor’s bio – Megan Hills

Megan Hills has 20+ years’ marketing experience with over ten years working with natural medicine practitioners. In 2009, prompted by the alarming health practice failure rate post-practitioner graduation, Megan and Chinese medicine practitioner, Jeff Shearer, began Finding that the failure was often down to poor practice management, Megan and Jeff now help practitioners create success with integrity.


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