Handmade Magical Color Changing Phoenix Dragon Egg 4 inch Scarlet (Orangish Red) to Yellow




Do you love Dragons?…… Have you ever wanted one as a pet?


These eggs magically change color when heated to body temperature.

Looking for gift ideas for that fantasy lover? Give a little magic with one of these color changing eggs! It will go great with dragon, mermaid, unicorn or many other decor or themes.

CUSTOM: I am happy to create custom products. If you’d like something different please reach out. These eggs come in many different colors. Search “Risen Son Creations” to see them all!

SIZE: Egg size is 4 inches tall (size will vary a little). Larger eggs are available. See photo of egg next to a regular chicken egg for size comparison.


Just like eggs in nature, there are slight differences to each egg. From the placement of the accent colors to each scale being hand painted. There are around 400 metal scales that are hand painted and individually placed with a main color and an accent color to make the eggs look magical! My eggs are sealed to keep the scales from moving or falling out. Every egg is unique!

Sorry folks but the eggs will not hatch into dragons. Humans lack the special skill required to hatch these magical creatures.

TO CHANGE THE COLOR: Eggs come with instructions.

Options for changing the color are using a hair dryer, dip it in warm water, body heat or let it sit in direct sunlight

To use your own body heat: Many factors can affect the temperature of our hands including stress & ambient temperature. Holding it with your hands is enough sometimes but not always.

Put your egg in the refrigerator to quickly return it to the original color.

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