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A box of six, the new golf ball, each color is different, when there is no flash, the color is also different, easy to distinguish.


These golf balls that can be illuminated are great gift ideas. You can draw a beautiful arc in the air when you hit the ball at night, which can make sports fun and can be given to your children/friends.







It will shine when you hit the ball, and it will shine more clearly in the dark, so don’t worry about finding it.

The new LED ball has different appearance colors and can be seen without lighting up. You can choose the color you like at will. After the lights are turned on, it is particularly bright at night, adding beauty and splendor to the night.

When playing the ball at night, the ball will draw a beautiful arc in the air, which can drive your own fun.


MORE DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY: Standard golf balls of constant light up for no less than 8 minutes, diameter 42.67mm weight: 45G,Three-layer golf balls are made of soft and elastic materials, which firmly protect the built-in LED light and make it hard to be damaged. It extends the life of the LED light(total life time is 50 hours)
BUILT IN FOUR LED: The 4 LED lights inside the golf ball more brighter than 2 LED lights inside the golf ball. Brightly Flashing on Impact.Especially When You Hit Out Balls,will Shows One Beautiful Arc in the Sky.You can easy to find the golf ball even though the long distance.
EASY TO CHOOSE YOU WANT COLOR: The different surface color allows you to better distinguish each ball colour. You will not need to hit the ball to find the color you want.
HOW TO USE: When the ball is hit hard on the floor, the 4 LED lights inside the golf ball will glow at the same time. The lighting time is around 5 minutes per time, which makes you have enough time to pick them up. After 5 mitutes , the light will be extinguished, hit again, and light up again.
AFTER SALES: Should you have any questions about our product, please contact us, and we will provide return and refund service if you need.


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