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Price: $200.00
(as of Mar 29,2021 23:14:48 UTC – Details)

CuddeLink Cell Verizon is Cuddeback’s most advanced trail camera. With 2 cellular modes, the CuddeLink Cell is the ideal trail camera whether you use 1 camera or 24. Cell Mode 1 – CuddeLink Cell exceeds the performance of other cellular trail cameras – LTE service, 1/4 second trigger speed, long battery life & 20MP images. Cell service starts at $10 per month. Cell Mode 2 is where CuddeLink Cell crushes the competition. The CuddeLink Cell utilizes CuddeLink technology to allow up to 24 cameras to share one $10 per month cell plan. So instead of paying for multiple cell plans that can add up to $50, or $75, or over $100 per month, CuddeLink Cell allows you to have up to 24 CuddeLink cameras on one $10 per month plan (750 images per month). Unlimited image plan is only $30 per month. Thanks for CuddeLink Cell Verizon virtually everyone can now afford cellular trail cameras. Industry Leading Performance, CuddeLink Cell features Cuddeback’s best technology. Cuddeback’s patented Power House technology uses super capacitors to store energy – allowing the camera to deliver 3 times the power to the LEDs. The result is more range, better image quality, and less motion blur. All Cuddeback cameras feature industry leading 1/4 second trigger speed that captures the deer that so many other cameras would miss. Super-Fast Recovery Speed assures Cuddeback is ready for the next picture within 1 second of taking the first – the result is Cuddeback can capture 2 photos before many cameras can capture the first. CuddeLink Cell records 20MP images with stunning daylight color and IR black/white night images. On top of the performance, we added a ton of cool and innovative features, such as separate day/night delays, fully programmable time lapse and much more. CuddeLink Cell Verizon requires a cell plan to operate. Cannot be used a remote in a CuddeLink network

CuddeLink compatible – all CuddeLink products are compatible so user can add up to 23 additional remote cameras to build a network of 24 cameras total on one cell plan
Verizon LTE service
2 cell modes – Solo Mode or CuddeLink Cell Home
Text or email images from up to 23 additional CuddeLink cameras under 1 cell plan
Power House Module – 56 high power LEDs
Requires active cell plan to operate. Cannot be used as a remote camera in a CuddeLink network.


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