CVNDKN 12 Pairs Exfoliating



Price: $8.99 - $7.99
(as of Apr 11,2021 12:29:22 UTC – Details)

Product Name: Exfoliating Bath shower Gloves

Specifications: 12 pairs of gloves of different colors, a total of 24 pcs.

Precautions: Suitable for body parts cleaning (avoid use on the face)

MATERIAL:MADE of 100% NYLON,The foam is very rich, the bath massage is very good.Gloves are elastic and will be adjusted to the size of different people’s palms when they are taken.
EFFICACY: can effectively remove, dirty waste on the skin, the material soft and moderate will not scratch the skin. Suitable for cleaning your body while bathing and can be massaged. (avoid use on the face)
HOW to USE:First wet the gloves,bath ingress will be shower gel (soap coating) poured on top, wash the whole body, clean very thorough, but also massage, exfoliation, very comfortable.A practical gift for sharing it with family and friends.
OUR SERVICES:These beautiful and practical exfoliating gloves can be cleaned and reused after use.If these lovely gloves have any problems, you can contact us at any time, we will be responsible for the handling as soon as possible.


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