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Yoga blocks make a perfect workout companion to improve spine flexibility and bring your favorite poses to the next level. No need to force yourself when your body is not ready. Stretching blocks for splits is a great helper with your full-body stretches and poses. With this yoga starter set, holding a pose and maintaining the correct posture is simple and this kit provides better stability while helping improve stretching and flexibility.
Our cork block and strap set helps you concentrate on deeper poses while also increasing your range of motion with the support and assistance you need. These positions you might otherwise find difficult if not nearly impossible.
Significantly more sturdier and sweat-proof than foam yoga blocks, Dakini Wellness’ exercise block for working out is durable, lightweight and promises unwavering performance. Featuring an 8’ strap belt with an easy-release, D-ring metal buckle, this yoga accessory can be used to expand your range and extend your reach – achieving more challenging positions while allowing your shoulders to relax. Ideal for use during travel, in the studio, or at home.
The yoga blocks set comes with a cotton storage bag. Carry it wherever you want to practice yoga – indoors or outdoors – and watch your body transform in just a few short weeks. The physical therapy straps for stretching even help with conditioning and rehabbing muscles.2-in-1 Value Pack
2 Yoga Block (natural cork)
1 Strap set (cotton)
1 Storage Bag (cotton)
Material: Environmentally-friendly material
Feel: High-density support with soft strap feel
Benefits: Anti-slip, sweatproof, moisture-proof

Yoga Blocks, Strap Set & Storage Bag: Dakini Wellness’ yoga accessories set contains 2 yoga blocks and one yoga strap. Each of the blocks measures 9 x 6 x 3 inches and the strap is 8 ft. in length. Our balancing blocks come in a drawstring carry bag which can be used for storage or travel.
Fully Slip-Resistant & Durable: To prevent slipping and sliding during exercises like hot yoga, our yoga supplies are made from high-density cork material. They are perfect for all types of yoga workouts including bikram, vinyasa, and hatha and are designed with round edges for an easy grip.
Stability & Balance: The easy-release, D-ring metal buckle holds the 8ft strap securely in place, allowing your shoulders to relax and encouraging proper alignment and a deeper stretch. The yoga straps for stretching with loop are here to facilitate an amazing yoga or pilates experience.
Safe For The Environment and You: Our Pilates block set doesn’t use any plastic or harm any trees, making them an environmentally-sustainable product. Plus, every piece is 100% natural so they are non-toxic and BPA-free.
Great Yoga Gifts for Yoga Instructor: We are so confident about the quality of our products, we know anyone using them will appreciate their luxury feel and reliability. The Yoga Blocks 2 pack with strap is a perfect gift for your colleagues and friends. Yoga blocks for women are ideal for on the go, in the office, at the gym or in home.


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