Decorative Home Signs



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Decorative Home Signs

Decorative Home Signs

Celebrate any time of the year inside your house with this Wooden Decorative Home Signs with Letters, Pumpkin, Turkey, and Snowflake. In this set of 13 pieces, you get the letters “H”, “M”, and “E” with each seasonal icon taking the place of the “O”. To utilize this decorative home sign, you set up the three letters in the order of “home” and swap out each seasonal ornament when it’s a new time of the year. You can instantly switch from celebrating the fall season to embracing to the brisk winds of winter. MDF. 5-1/4″W x 1-1/8″D x 5″H, each.

This 13-Pc. set of decorative holiday figures and signs is a fun and simple way to celebrate the time of year. Kids and children especially will enjoy getting to change the icon for each season.
Features characters representing Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and all four seasons. Place on your mantel, counter, dining table or shelf when you’re getting ready for the next season.
A perfect housewarming gift, you can arrange the pieces next to each other to spell out “HOME”. You can also replace the “O” with any one of 10 icons that represent the season.
Includes the letters: H, M, and E. Use the Pumpkin, Snowman, Snowflake, Turkey, Bunny, Flower, Clover ,Star, Heart and Butterfly icons to take place of where the O would be in the word.
MDF. 5-1/4″W x 1-1/8″D x 5″H, each.

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