DecoyPro Camo Face Mask Half



Price: $14.99
(as of Mar 27,2021 10:51:41 UTC – Details)

  • CAMO FACE MASK FOR JUST $14.99 & FREE Shipping! Some camouflage face masks cost $30 or more.
  • NEVER BE SPOTTED WHILE HUNTING AGAIN! This camo face mask breathable is designed to keep you well hidden while you are hunting.  It makes a great camo hunting face mask duck hunting, deer hunting face mask, goose hunting face mask, camo neck gaiter hunting, camo neck gator, turkey hunting face mask camo thin bundle and bow hunting face mask mesh.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST DRAWSTRING DESIGN. With this hunting face mask light weight drawstring design system get a great camo face mask light weight perfect for most hunters.  This makes a great camo face mask for men, camo face mask for kids, camo face mask for girls, camo face mask youth, camo face mask for boys, hunting gear for kids, camo baklava face mask, camo balaclava face mask, and camo face mask for women.  You also have a slim camo face mask 3/4 design for a camo hat on top so you can wear it as a camo face mask hat all together.
  • HUNTING FACE MASK LIGHT WEIGHT MATERIAL. The camo face mask breathing material makes it a perfect hunting face shield, camo headnet, hunting headnet and turkey hunting mask mesh. The camouflage face cover is great for extended wear because of the camo face mask lightweight design.
  • CAMOUFLAGE FACE SHIELD COLOR PATTERN. With concealment in mind this camo face shield is sure to keep you well concealed from the sight of your game on each hunting trip.  How could you go wrong with this hunting face shield.
  • TAPERED EXTENDED V NECK DESIGN. The neckline is specially designed to not only act as a camo face mask but also to keep your neck hidden from game as well.
  • INCREDIBLE FACE MASK PRICE. This camo face mask is an affordable way to add to your hunting inventory. 

    CAMO FACE MASK FOR JUST $14.99 & FREE Shipping! Some camouflage face masks cost $30 or more each. This makes for a perfect camo face mask 3/4 for turkey hunting, duck hunting face mask and bow hunting face mask.
    BREATHABLE, QUICK DRYING MATERIAL – These camo face masks are made out of lightweight, quick drying material making them the perfect camo half face masks to keep you concealed and comfortable during your hunting trips.
    ONE SIZE FITS ALL DRAWSTRING SYSTEM – This camo face mask 3/4 for hunting is designed to fit well on a variety of head sizes for a natural and comfortable feel with its unique custom fit drawstring system. Works on hunters with large head hunters as well as youth hunters.
    CAMOFLAUGE FACE MASK COLOR PATTERN – The camo face mask hunting color blends with hunting situations to remain out of sight of turkeys, deer, ducks and other wild game. 
    EXTENDED NECKLINE – Specially designed extended neckline ensures that skin is concealed while hunting. The neck can either be worn on the outside of clothing or tucked inside for a streamlined fit.

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