Dr. Sebi Kidney Failure



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Many people suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease can live a long life without being overly affected by the condition, but if not treated with the right method the disease can get worse.

If you want to know all Dr. Sebi’s tips and secrets to stay off dialysis and treat CKD, you should listen very carefully.

This audiobook will teach you:

  • How to identify kidney diseases, to immediately be able to recognize what kind of kidney disease you have, and if it’s a chronic disease or not, to know the best treatment for your specific condition
  • All the different causes and symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease, to make sure you understand what kind of behavior got you to this point, to know what unhealthy habits you should delete from your life
  • All the negative aspects of conventional treatments, so you’ll know why it’s important to have a healthier, natural alternative to treat your kidney problems
  • How to avoid dialysis with Dr. Sebi’s Natural Cure, that will help you remove mucus from kidneys thanks to the alkaline diet to start your kidney cleansing process right away
  • What are the 7 foods you need to stop eating now to avoid any worsening of your condition
  • The official Dr. Sebi 3-Step method to heal kidneys, that will firstly detoxify and purify your cells, and then rebuild them to always be in a healthy alkaline state
  • How to prepare delicious and healthful herbal teas, that will boost your immune system and accelerate your detoxification process to achieve the best results in no time
  • And much more!

What are you waiting for? Buy this audiobook now to start your natural kidney healing process now!


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