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If Nature didn’t make it, don’t take it – Dr. Sebi

Over the millennia, many different alternative healing traditions emerged around the world and all of them were based on herbalism. The major herbal systems were often drastically different from what most of us know as “Western herbalism” and it has taken us a very long time to “decipher” the meaning and understand the concept of some of the ancient holistic systems such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamanic healing, etc.

Today, we know that one of the ways to prevent a disease or recover from one, is through a diet and the alkaline diet is unarguably the healthiest diet there is. However, there is not a single alkaline diet and what made Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet stand out, is that his methodology was based on both alkaline foods and medicinal herbs.

Specifically in this book, you’ll learn:

Chapter 1: Why Electric Herbs?

Proving That Alkaline Electric Herbs Work

Herbal/Drug Interactions

Chapter 2: Medicinal Plants and Herbs

What are Herbs?

The Plant Parts

Sacred Herbs

Herbal Medicine

Chapter 3: Sourcing and/or Harvesting Herbs

Sourcing Herbs

Storing Herbs

Harvesting and Drying Herbs

Wildcrafted Herbs

Wildcrafted vs Organic vs Commercially Grown Herbs

Chapter 4: Encapsulation and Dosage

Tablets vs Capsules: What’s the Difference?

Types of Capsules

How to Encapsulate Herbs

Preparing Herbs for Encapsulation

Can All Herbs be Taken as Capsules?

Chapter 5: Dr. Sebi-Approved Herbs

Black Walnut Hull Powder


Blue Vervain

Burdock Root

Cascara Sagrada





Dandelion Root


Irish Sea Moss


Linden Flower



Red Clover

Rhubard Root

Sarsaparilla Root


Valerian Root


Yellow Dock

Chapter 6: Using Herbs

Infusion vs Tea

Culinary Use of Herbs

Herbs for Topical Use

Smokable Herbs

Chapter 7: Herb Combinations

Herbs for Pancreas and Kidney Support

Herbs for Liver Support

Herbs for Respiratory Support

Herbs for Colon Cleanse

And more….

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