E-Force Takeover Racquetball Racquet 190 Grams



Price: $134.95
(as of May 22,2020 16:57:26 UTC – Details)

E-Force’s exclusive and patented racquetball-only inventions give you the edge. Extreme LongString, 22” LongString, Powerhouse Shaft and Launch Pad technologies deliver unrelenting power. Vibration is minimized and touch enhanced with Power Boosters G2 and extended Zero Richter Tubes. The entire frame becomes a solid, accurate and stable kill zone. The Dual Cylinder Frame with Graphite Bridge, Total Carbon Head, Tri Carbon Construction and By-Pass Stringing enhance durability, frame stiffness and overall power. Get the most out of your game! A crisp, sharp feel on contact that delivers blinding velocity. How? New advanced, extremely stiff, yet incredibly light GC Power Fibers. For additional snap, the GC Power Fibers are strategically positioned among the TakeOver’s 50+ carbon-graphite laminates.

190 grams
Tri tear Shape
Power Booster – placed on both ends of the cross strings
Launchpad Technology


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