Exercise Equipment Mat 4″ x 4″



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(as of Apr 07,2021 23:13:28 UTC – Details)

Do you want to use your gym equipment without ruining your carpet or hardwood floors?
Are you tired of other mats which tear easily and take up a lot of room?
Our separate pads are designed to provide unparalleled support at the precise points where your
machine makes contact with the floor. 
The thick rubber material gives all the protection you will need to keep you floors without scrapes,
scratches, and other unsightly marks typically caused by repeated use of exercise machines.
The non-slip material will keep your machine in place so you can concentrate on getting on with
your workout without your machinery shift around the room. 
Our vibration protection means that your equipment will stay at its best for far longer. By preventing
stress on crucial parts these pads can help prevent mechanical failure that occurs over time. It also
provides a small amount of suspension to make certain machines more comfortable and helps to
reduce impact-related injuries. 
The moisture resistant material easily wipes clean and won’t absorb sweat or other odors.   
Unlike many other inflexible mat products our design works perfectly for a whole range of gym
machinery.  Compatible with treadmills, exercise bike, rowing machines, elliptical machines,
rowing machines, weight benches, stepping machines, and many more. It is suitable NordicTrack,
Sole, Life Fitness, Pro-Form, BowFlex, Air Bike and Stamina machines.
Get In Shape Without Harming Your Floors: Protect your floors from damage caused by exercise equipment. These high-density rubber pads cushion and help prevent stress related wear to your floors.
Suitable For Machines With Up To 6 Feet: The pack of 6 six provides full security to all the feet of your exercise machine, while also giving maximum protection against slippage.
Extend The Life Of Your Exercise Equipment: Unlike other products on the market, our equipment mats provide enhanced vibration prevention which ensures your equipment sustains less damage during a workout session, giving you a greater level of comfort.
Professional Gym Grade Materials: High quality moisture resistant rubber is designed to provide lasting protection. The non-absorbent material helps prevent odor build up and degradation over time.
Use For Your Whole Gym: Compatible with most treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, elliptical machines, rowing machines, weight benches, stepping machines, and many more. Unlike other mats on the market our pads are compatible with a whole range of exercise machines.


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