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Full Body Workout

What is Full Body Workout?

Full body workout is total body strength training. Which goal is to involve as many muscle parts as possible during one training session. FBW is based on multi-joint exercises, such as squat, deadlift, pull-ups, barbell push press, planks, barbell or dumbbell rowing. This workout will work both in reducing body fat and when your goal is to building muscles. It is one of the most effective and healthiest methods of strength training. Strengthens and builds all muscle parts, without neglecting any other.

To whom fbw is recommended!

Full body workout in its basic form is especially recommended for beginners or those returning to strength training after a long break. However, it is worth knowing that even bodybuilders and athletes with several years of experience also often do full body workout. With the difference that they train on very heavy weights with small variations, such as shorter breaks between series, super series, combined series, 5 10 15 systems and so on. To sum up, even if you already have experience in strength training, it’s worth coming back to full body workout, especially at the stages of building muscle mass. Personally, despite the fact that I have 6 years of experience in strength training, I do full body workout, alternating it with “Split” training, which works very well in my case

How many times a week to train with this system?

FBW training is best done at least 3 times a week. It can be combined with other sports, which will certainly translate into much better results.

Frequent beginner mistake!

Many beginners often train one muscle part by doing countless sets, mistakenly thinking that this will translate into better results. Not necessarily, especially if your goal is to increase muscle mass. In fact, it is enough to do only a few series of 100%, with a sufficiently heavy weight and effort put in involving a given muscle part to give it enough impulse to grow and strengthen.


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