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Product Description


This high quality dumbbell set comes with different sizes weight plates for you to adjust to your desirable dumbbell weight. It is great for both upper and lower body workouts, which helps tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders, back and also strengthen your muscles. With this dumbbell set, you can exercise at home, in the office or any place at any time.


Pair package including:

1x connector
2x dumbbell bar
4x non-slip nuts
4×4.4LB dumbbell tablets
4×3.3LB dumbbell tablets
4×2.8LB dumbbell tablets



6.2 lbs: 2x 2.8 lbs counterweight+ 0.6 lbs dumbbell handle

21.6 lbs: 2x 2.8/3.3/4.4 lbs counterweight+ 0.6 lbs dumbbell handle

43.2 lbs: 4x 2.8/3.3/4.4 lbs counterweight+ 2x 0.6 lbs dumbbell handle(dumbbells in pair)

23.0 lbs: 2x 2.8/3.3/4.4 lbs counterweight+ 2x 0.6 lbs dumbbell handle+ 0.8 lbs connector

44 lbs: 4x 2.8/3.3/4.4 lbs counterweight+ 2x 0.6 lbs dumbbell handle+ 0.8 lbs connector

Tripe type of training:

The 2 in 1 dumbbells set have three training ways, which are dumbbells in pair, barbell with connecting rod, as well as push ups.



Adjustable weight for diverse muscle training;
Foam covered connecting rod to reduce neck’s compression and relieve fatigue;
Non-slip design with rubber coated handle for firm grip;
Quick conversion between dumbbell and barbell, with the connecting rod;
Easy to dissemble and assemble;
Octagon shaped dumbbell plate to prevent scrolling and for easy storage, with no damage to floor;

【Multi-purpose Design】Our product is a 2-in-1 multifunctional home fitness equipment. Not limited to different dumbbells combination, the fitness equipment comes with a connecting rod and can be assembled as barbell to improve leg muscle training. Multi-functional strength training equipment offers a better training way than any other exercise machines.
【Adjustable Weight】You can choose different weights of dumbbell plates according to your needs, so our products can also be used by women and children. One product is enough for a family. The maximum weight is 44 lbs. You can choose the right weight for your training needs.
【Hexagonal Anti-skid Design】Our dumbbell plate is different from the traditional round one. When you put the dumbbell on the ground, it will not roll, so it is very safe to use. It won’t damage your floor, either.
【Suitable for Home Fitness】 Not everyone has enough space to exercise at home, so our products are suitable for you. It is equivalent to a dumbbell set and barbell set with multiple weights. When you want to switch sports, you only need to change our products, which saves you a lot of space.
【Package List】-4x 1.25KG (2.8Lbs) counterweigt, 4x 1.5KG (3.3 Lbs) counterweight, 4x 2KG (4.4 Lbs) counterweight, 4x screw nuts, 2x shaft handle,1x connecting rod.


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