Gearbox Racquetball Wristlacer



Price: $7.95
(as of Mar 24,2021 02:41:11 UTC – Details)

This cord will bunch up due to poor installation technique. The cord is actually a “tube” of material inside another “tube”. When installing, the user should not “pull” the cord with tweezers or anything similar. You might be pulling only the “outer tube” and this will cause the “inner tube” (or core) to stay behind. If the “inner tube” stays behind it will bunch up and not go through the loop. When installing, users should “push” the cord until at least and 1/4″ is through. Then, the rest of the cord can be pulled.

Original Ektelon racquetball wrist cord.
“Push” the cord until at least 1/4″ is through. Then, the rest can be pulled.
Cord with “self loop” for maximum safety
Double cord feature, with “inner” cord for self-looping action.
Will not fit E-Force racquets or others with small oppenings


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