Gentle Yoga Plus Pilates DVD:



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Yoga Paired With Pilates Provides A Complete, Balanced Total Body Core Strength and Stretch Workout.

The goal of this program is to combine elements of yoga and pilates in a way that complements and enhances the pairing of exercises and techniques in order to provide a more complete, balanced, total body core strength and stretch workout.

We’ll be taking a more gentle approach during the sessions, which means we won’t be putting any excess strain on the joints (no downward facing dog or sun salutations, for example), however you may choose to advance the poses when appropriate if you would like to add more challenge at any time. And, please keep an eye out for our on screen pop ups for modification assistance to help you make the poses and postures work best for your body’s needs.

Session #1: Standing Series (30 Minutes) features standing only poses and exercises that help improve balance, functional core strength, total body stability and mobility.

Session #2: Floor Flow (30 Minutes) features movements that are best performed on the floor for maximum benefit, allowing us to stay down on the ground during the entire practice while we work on developing deep core strength, control, full body stretch and strength.

EQUIPMENT USED: A mat or towel is all that is required, but the use of a sturdy chair and a small, soft pillow may be added to bolster some of the poses, if desired.

Approx. Total Run Time: 64 Minutes


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