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Golf doesn’t have to be over once the sun sets.

Golfing at night is a pretty cool and enjoyable experience on its own. It’s a nice change to typical games, and offers an entirely different vibe and environment. That’s all on top of the golf courses’ own beauty at night.

Adjustments are of course in order for those new to night golf. The lights tend to illuminate just the fairway and some parts of the rough. Fortunately, we have the solution to that problem. With these luminescent golf balls we’re offering, you can see where your shots go and enjoy the game.

Experience golf in a uniquely fun way with Outatime Sport Glow in the Dark Golf Balls!

These glowing golf balls elevate the night golf experience. It’s made from tournament-grade golf balls. Take a swing and it will feel just the same as your typical golf ball, only it lights up. It doesn’t have any LED light or any added feature that may change its weight, texture, or traction.

What’s great about these fluorescent golf balls is that it provides full 360-degree illumination. It also has two layers of fluorescence that brighten its overall glow. Store these conveniently in the mesh bag alongside the life hack green pouch to recharge the balls’ light.

To recharge the golf balls, put a ball inside the green pouch. Use the torch and place it inside to illuminate the golf ball. Seal the sides and hold it tightly for about 60 seconds, shaking the pouch from time to time to ensure all corners of the ball have been illuminated. Once done, you’re good to go!

Still not convinced? Know more about what’s on offer here:

✅ Highly giftable product
✅ Contains 3 luminous golf balls per box
✅ Includes UV flashlight, mesh bag, and life hack resealable bag

Ready your clubs and have more fun hitting the course at night. Add the Outatime Sport Glow in the Dark Golf Balls to your cart NOW!
⛳ NIGHT GOLF MADE BETTER – See where your shots go whenever you play at night with these glow golf balls. Each ball glows in the dark so you’re always aware of its trajectory and where it lands.
⛳ TRUE GOLF BALLS, NO LED – Keep your swings consistent with these glow in the dark balls. These are tournament-grade balls that have double fluorescence in them. No LED lights that add weight!
⛳ COMES WITH LIFE HACK GREEN BAG – These bright golf balls are rechargeable. Flash light into the balls inside the green resealable pouch to restore its luminance then store it in the included mesh bag.
⛳ THOUGHTFUL GIFT ITEM – Make a beloved golfer happy with these luminous golf balls as a present! It’s the perfect golf item for birthdays, holidays like Christmas, and other special occasions.
⛳ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We take pride in delivering products of exceptional quality to our customers. If our glowing golf balls weren’t to your standards, let us know and we’ll make it right.


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